Crazy as a Loom

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just words

Did you know that you can be lonely with people all around?
And you can be happy when you are all alone.

I have said that being happy is a choice I make, just that it is harder some days, than others.

When I walked into the studio this morning, the sun made me very happy.

From november

For some reason, Sydney has decided that she loves to lay on that box. Go figure.

I didn't even mind doing some Quick Books, paying some bills, and printing some shipping labels.
From november

My cats are happy. Why wouldn't they be?
And I couldn't resist taking Sydney's picture. Sometimes I think they pose and wait.
From november

"Did you get my good side?"
From november

Today L wove more place mats, and ran out of warp. So I thought it was a good learning experience to wind a new warp, and tie it on. Not sure she agreed with me, but we did it.
I started an order, which will take me a few days to finish.
I took the back roads home and picked up 180 Hip to Be Square looms. They fit quite nicely into my car. Now they have to be branded with "Crazy as a Loom", and the kits have to be made up. Crazy, maybe, but I have faith.

Do you ever feel that you are not alone?
From november

Even when you are.


claudia said...

Your studio is so bright and cheerful!
The cats are great company.
I think we are never alone when we are alone. Those who have gone before us are always around and guiding us...just my opinion, but it works for me!
It's great that L is learning more and more. It'll give you a break in the future.

Gail said...

The light was purrrfect!

Anonymous said...

I'd sit on that box too, if I had a chance!

Karen said...

I love how the sun can turn it all around.

Feeling alone in a crowded room is something I'm very familiar and I've never understood why it stays with me. In person you would consider me a very sociable sort. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I lived alone for many years before meeting Hubby. In those early years it was sometimes sad if I gave the 'alone' part of my life too much thought. BUT, I reached a point in life where I thoroughly enjoyed living alone and doing exactly what I please, going where I wanted. Guess that's why Hubby and I work so well together. We are together but both do exactly as we please after first checking with the other person of course.

Being alone and being happy with it is simply a matter of being happy with yourself.


Lorna said...

Every time I visit your blog, I want a cat (or two). And your studio is beautiful; the sunlight streaming in, the wood floors....I always leave feeling peaceful.

claudia said...

Speaking of cats...there aer some feral kittens at the place where I work. We set a trap and caught one. It went home with one of my coworkers. We saw another today and decided we'd better set the trap again. We caught another little guy! We used some of my Clam Chowder I had taken for lunch. It went in the trap about a half an hour after we set it. The first one took two days! So if anyone is trying to catch kitties who are less than friendly...use Clam chowder! They love it!

Nancy said...

Like you, I am so happy when I am in my studio, alone, creating.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts