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Friday, November 12, 2010

Pizza night

From november

What a nice day it was today.
One of those days where you feel bad about being inside too much, but guilty if you go outside when there is so much work.
Now I have TWO cats eating on the porch and living in the barn. Maybe my husband is right, maybe there is a sign outside that only cats can see.

Here they are .....180 Hip to Be Square Looper Looms. Branded, and ready to be put into kits.
From november

I have boxes and boxes of clean loopers ready.
From november

I did spend a little time on the porch, but I was on a mission to work on an order.
From november

It was a good day. We got a lot of work done.
When I got home, DH had dinner in the oven.
And it was delish.
From november

I think this time he got it just right.
From november

But there was something lacking, and I don't know how exactly to tell him.
So hopefully, he will read my blog, and take the hint.
After he watches this video, and after a little practice, of course, I think he can make 'pizza night' just a little more interesting.
Ya think?


Sharon said...

Oh that pizza was rough. I'm still on Weight Watchers - again. I can't wait to get my loopy loopers. Alexia and I are going to have so much fun!!

Karen said...

ooooh, those might be fighting words :-)

Anonymous said...

As long as you are willing to clean up the wayward dough -I'm willing to try 1
It was excellent pizza -after getting some tips from Crazy as A Loom


claudia said...

How sweet! Pizza night. YAY!
I'm supposed to be on WW too, but can't seem to get into the habit of it. I have to make a more conscious effort.
But MMMMM pizza!

Anonymous said...

I think the pizza looks VERY delish so quit yer complaining woman and eat it!

Love the video!!


Anonymous said...

Cats are pretty intelligent creatures; perhaps you're right about the sign! Mind you, I have 4 collies and I dare say they're pretty darn clever too when it comes to feeding time!!

CJ xx

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Because every thread counts