Friday, November 19, 2010


I love this bamboo ribbon. It is awesome to weave with. It is Bonzai by Berocco. The warp is a silk blend. I have it is 5 different colorways.

From november

I am having fun with it, just having trouble finding time amongst all the other things I should be doing.
I also had my granddaughter today, and a friend of mine came to weave, and brought her granddaughter along.
They had never met, but were soon like peas in a pod.
From november

There is nothing like listening to little girls: feet tromping around the upstairs, little voices singing songs, having little secret conversations that aren't so secret.
But all good things must come to an end.
From november

Does she have to go?????

So a little diversion was in order. Shall we count kitties, to make sure they are all here, before we go?
From november

Make sure to look under the beds.
How about in the blue room?
From november

You're not taking a nap, are you?
From november

Who's in the red room?
Just Sydney.
From november

Oh, Sydney. You are a trip.
From november

Mimi, what is she doing?
From november

From november

Maybe she is doing her exercises?
From november

She could stand to lose a pound or two.
From november

Diversion accomplished.
Cranky face history.
From november

From november

Ah, the bamboo shawl loom.
From november

Still missing a couple of cats.
From november

Finally, some heat up here.........ah, January weaving.
From november

My good friend mentioned that the studio was a tad chaotic, and that I looked busier than perhaps I wanted to be.
And yes, I will admit, it is a little over the top nuts. LOTS of stuff in progress. Going on.
But it's OK. I am going with the flow, because in the back of my brain is this little picture, of how I think it will turn out. How I want it to be.
I am stubborn/hopeful/determined enough to think that I can make it happen.
Pit Bull mentality, DH tells me.
Could be true.
But for a while now, I have dreamed of having a stack of sock rugs, a stack of blue jean rugs, both black and blue, a stack of lodge rugs, piles of get the picture?
And add to that boxes of Hip to Be Square Looper Looms, and even newer, the Solmate Sock Rug Kit, and the quality of life at the studio takes on a new level of equanimity and serenity.
Ah. I can feel it already.
So you sell 3 of this, and 5 of that.
No big deal. Schedule a day to replenish. No big rush. No pressure.
Having an apprentice may make this dream come true.
And not only that, but another weaver is born.
And I may have created a monster.
But that's another post.


Anonymous said...

I can't say that Sydney is my favorite because i love all 4 BUT for personality she is paws down for creating a the song say ' aint seen nothing yet.' L

claudia said...

Sydney is a kick!
Isn't is amazing how quickly the young ones make friends? I love it. Your granddaughter is adorable!

Gayle said...

I am totally smitten with your kitties. What a darling set of rooms. Wow.
Such a cute gd.

Sharon said...

Granddaughters are such a gift. I am thrilled to enjoy one. Speaking of which, my looper loom came today and it is absolutely everything I thought it would be. It's pouring snow tonight so I guess it'll be a couple of days before we can start. Sigh.

Karen said...

The cat is adorable!!! And I look forward to the day I am a grandmother... just.. not too soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great little table for a tea party. I'll bet the girls just sat there pretending and chatting for a very long time.

Sydney is a hoot. She certainly knows that's her house and makes herself to home there on the bed.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to share this with you... don't know if you have seen this but thought it was very cute.

DebbieB said...

My hopes and wishes that your dream of a well-stocked studio come true!

Anonymous said...

What lovely rooms and that kitty has taken over!

I am always amazed at all that work you get done around the place! Please tell me you didn't make all those lovely quilts on the beds too!

Country Girl said...

I loved all the photos of your granddaughter with miss kitty doing her exercises. And I love all the room colors!

Donatella said...

I just loved this set of photos - and Sidney is a real character! Thank you for sharing!

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Because every thread counts