Friday, August 27, 2010

Catching Up.

From studio

Remember this? I promised you the recipe, so here it is. Thanks to my youngest daughter.

Asian Pasta Salad

1 lb. spaghetti, cooked and drained

1 cup edamame cooked and cooled

1 cup red cabbage shredded

1 red pepper diced

5-7 scallions sliced (white and light green parts)

½ cup raw peanuts

¾ cup matchstick carrots

2T ginger grated

2T garlic grated

½ cup Vermont’s Maple Grove Sesame Ginger dressing (may need more)

Dash red pepper flakes

Salt and pepper to taste

Toss ingredients. Chill.

I am trying to do some catch up. I don't always remember to answer questions or follow up, and for that I apologize.
Someone asked about loopers. Yes, I do have them. I have sold some, it helps defray the cost of them and their shipping, but right now, I am holding off a bit.
The Hip to Be Square Looper Loom is almost ready, honest. And I don't know how many loopers I may need in the coming year. It all depends on how successful I am in marketing them.
So check with me later.
For those of you who have weaving questions, email me anytime at
I will be glad to help.
And re: questions about the "little loom".
I am waiting still on the hooks. I am having the long metal hook made, should have that in a week or so. The crochet hooks to finish the edges are on order, and they should be here within a couple of weeks. I have a list of all of you that want one, and I will be contacting you as soon as they are ready. I promise.
I am amazed at how hard this has actually been, getting all the pieces parts of this project together. And I somehow think that it will 'evolve' as I go along.
And maybe it should.
I wanted to tell you about a story that I read. It was actually on TV a while back, and for some reason I have been thinking about it lately.
It is about a young man, Aron Ralston who was hiking alone, fell into a crevice, and an 800 lb rock fell on his forearm. After 6 days, he cut his own arm off, to save his life. If you google him, you can read the whole story, and see pictures of the canyon where it happened.
He hiked alone that day. He didn't tell anyone where he was going. Noone was expecting him back any time soon.
But what really struck me, was his courage.
And what he said really resonated with me.
He said, "I took responsibility for all of my decisions, which helped me take on the responsibility of getting myself out."
I don't blame you for being confused.
Asian salad to this.
I know I am all over the place.
Sometimes, it just is what it is.

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Nancy said...

That salad looks delicious and healthy. Thank you for posting it. As for that young man, we can all hope we have his kind of courage if every called upon to need it.

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Because every thread counts