Friday, August 6, 2010

Good thing

It's insane, I tell ya.
Dyeing, cutting, winding, sewing, making more and more and more weft.
Why is this nuts, you ask? Well, because I already have more weft than I will weave if I live to be 100.
From studio

But it's the color and the texture and the endless possibilities that get me going.

From studio

It's like crack to a weaver, let me tell ya.
I am so not in control of this obsession. Don't tell, OK?
From studio

I have told you before that my father was a junk man. Tis true. He couldn't stop himself. He just kept bringing more and more of it home, until finally my mother moved into the back of the house, had a kitchen made, and stopped actually living with him. He lived in the front, and she in the back. That's what his obsession did.
From studio

So I suppose it is a good thing that I don't actually LIVE at the studio, as in sleep there and stay 24/7.
Or perhaps, my husband would be moving ME into the back of the house.

From studio

This way, my 5000 lbs of fabric, 13 looms, 7000 lbs of socks, and other various and sundry items, don't drive my husband to drastic measures.


Anonymous said...

Awww, now how could he even think of living without you? That's simply impossible. :-)


Tiggeriffic said...

That must be why I have my areas in my house that are mine and the big shed behind the house is all his..
we all have to have our own space ....

weavinfool said...

If you have 7000 # of sock loopers, will you sell some?

Country Girl said...

Interesting tidbit about your folks. I think it's a very good thing that you have that studio!!

Paula said...

Ditto, will you sell some ? I checked out the socks. Lifes to short to wear matched socks...hahaha I let my kids wear unmatched socks, cause everybody knows....Cowboys never wear matched socks... Your rugs are fabulous...My loom and I await your reply

Lynda said...

I'm happy you have a big barn for storage and your own hubby is too! My husband thinks I have quite a one tiny room.

Anonymous said...

would you sell a potholder loom with
some of the fabric strips --what are they
called in the weaver language? -- so we'd have everything we need to make a potholder?

debsrugs said...

Also why not sell some of those sock loopers? We could all help you use them

Nancy said...

We craft people never have enough supplies, do we? Thirteen looms? I'm impressed!

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Because every thread counts