Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And the rain came.....

Finally, my branding iron is here.

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But there is definitely a knack to it. Noone should get near me when I am armed with this.
Except I got it upside down a few times.
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On the way to the studio yesterday, I happened to see this guy standing out in the field. It is not unusual to hear coy dogs in the distance at night. But it is very unusual to see them in the day time, especially like this.
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I only got the one shot, then he was gone.
He reminds me of someone........ok, ok, I won't go there.

Yesterday we went to Boston. Because of the nature of the trip, I would like to tell you about it as briefly as possible.
Long drive, rain, check in hotel, rain, train, rain. Great food at Mexican restaurant in wet clothes. Rain, plastic ponchos, standing at Fenway drinking hot tea (coffee for DH)watching the RAIN out on the field, standing, waiting, CROWDS of people. Rain, crowds, game cancelled. Mad dash for train, standing room only, back to hotel. Exhaustion. Sleep. Breakfast. Rain. Long drive home.
Today on the way home we picked up two little ones. Granddaughters #1 and #2.
They get quite comfortable at the studio.
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And after awhile, attitudes and tired little girls slept it off.
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For some reason, when Mimi says nap time, they listen.
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They started in the same room, but had to retire to separate ones after a bit.
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They slept for almost 2 hours.
I actually had to wake them up.
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And now, I am tired.
They are finally winding down, again.
I am not feeling very warm and fuzzy about Boston tonight.
But I am feeling warm and fuzzy about these two. I imagine that I always will.

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icicle said...

My husband just returned today from a Boston business trip -- poor guy had to take clients on a duck boat tour in that rain. He says he still feels 'pruney'.

Karen said...

Love these photos, hilary.. Love the feel of the rooms, the quilts, that headboard door :-)

And the brand! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hilary, Sorry about the rain out! Went to NYC yesterday and it rained in the am but cleared up in afternoon. I love the train ride along the river. Even the rain can't keep you from having a fun day in the city. whenever i go down there i always wonder 'why don't i go down there more often?!' Lois

Lili said...

Your bedrooms are gorgeous! Those pictures of your granddaughters are especially sweet. ~Lili

Sharon said...

Your grandgirls are priceless. Sweetness - such a wonderful age.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts