Thursday, August 5, 2010

Say hi to Sydney

Whatcha doin'?????
From studio

This is the face that watches me ALL DAY LONG.
I am serious.
She follows me from room to room, on her short little legs, she lays above the loom, below the loom, on the nearest bench, anywhere close enough to 'see' me. She follows me into the bathroom............every time.
I want ya to tell me how you can resist this face? How could anyone???
From studio

She's fat, she knows it. She doesn't care. She is SO comfortable in her own skin, she could teach us all a lot.
From studio

She makes me smile.
Sometimes, she makes me laugh out loud.
And she is great company, she hangs on my every word.
From studio

Oh, Sydney Sue, I am so glad you came into my life. You are a sweet, sweet girl.
It was miserably hot and humid today, even with the rain. I wasn't my usual perky self.
I did a little of this, and a little of that.
Some of this.
From studio

And NO, Sydney, I don't think exercising is going to do much for you at this point.
From studio

Besides, I love you just the way you are.


Karen said...

She has the most beautiful eyes.. what a lovely cat. I had one like her, and two that were very indifferent. That hurt my feelings!

Aren't they wonderful company?

The humidity was so thick today it felt like breathing in pea soup. UGH. The brief rain we got didn't help much either.

Carol Anne said...

aww what a sweet looking kitty! Mine loves to follow me around too! She doesn't follow me into the bathroom but she does up to the door. Then meows the whole time I'm in there. They are funny creatures!

Anonymous said...

Yep... it's okay to love fat things. She's a cutie and her eyes just smile, don't they.

Humidity was horrendous down our way today too. Finally rained, downpoured... late afternoon... but it was still sticky and uncomfortable.. Just no relief this year.


imbeingheldhostage said...

How awesome to have such a fun little shadow! I don't know how you get anything done with that cute little face begging your attention:-)

Anonymous said...

She looks like such a sweet kitty! I love the pic which she laying on her back too funny. My dog is that way follows you around lays at your feet looks interested when you talk, just a pleasure to have.

Benita said...

What lovely green eyes she has! All our cats have had amber or yellow eyes and I love Sydney's green ones. And she has a lovely smile. I can almost hear her purring - here, let me turn up the sound.

Corliss Houck said...

I love your kitty. I have one that adopted me and I named her Tallulah, until I found out she was a he, so he just became plain old "Louie". If I don't pay enough attention to him, he will "nibble" on my ankle, just enough. Your kitty does look like she's very comfortable in her skin. You've also inspired me to learn how to weave. I love your rugs and socks. Thanks for proving there is life after 60. Corliss Houck

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Because every thread counts