Friday, August 13, 2010

In the groove

Oh, to be back to normal. This has been a busy summer, makes me long for October.

From studio

I love these rugs. The colors are so soft and soothing.

While I was gone, my basil was going to seed. So when you are about to lose your basil, you make pesto. I washed it, and had it sitting in the colander in the sink. My husband warned me that I needed to do something with it fast. He hates basil, and the smell was making him crazy.
It isn't pretty, but oh, it is marvelous.
From studio

It is so easy to make. I just threw the basil and some olive oil, some pine nuts, some parmesan cheese, and big, fresh cloves of garlic into the blender.
Then I pour it into ice cube trays, and as soon as it is frozen solid, I popped them out, and put the pesto cubes into a gallon zip lock bag.
From studio

Now I know I don't need another loom, but seriously, folks, when did that ever stop me?
And this time, it isn't my fault. I didn't search the loom out, it found me.
I was about to leave the studio today, and the phone rang. It was an amazing call. An offer for a loom, a FREE loom.
OMG, heart be still.
So tonight, after dinner, my husband and I went to look at it, only 12 miles away. The gentleman on the phone had told me that his father had made the loom 30 years ago. So I was kind of expecting a somewhat primitive loom. Nothing could have been further from the truth.
The man that built this loom was an artisan, pure and simple.
The loom is apart, but from what I could see, it is an 8 harness, 10 treadle jack, 48" wide, with a high castle. There is a bench, a warping board, and more. The man who owns it, and his wife, are moving to Florida, and want someone to have the loom, someone who will use it.
Now .......where to put it?????
I am so excited. I think I will be getting it next Monday or Tuesday. I only hope I can get it all put together.

Now I need your help.
When I make the placemats with the fringe-y sides, I trim the edges off. I have been saving the bits and pieces that I trim off, and now I am racking my poor brain, trying to figure out what to do with waste, ya' know.
Someone suggested using them for stuffing, but I want to use them for something that showcases all the wonderful, bright colors.
So what do you think? Any ideas?
From studio

It has been a long day, and a longer week. Tomorrow is two rugs, in white, off white, and light terracotta.
From studio

I am so easy to please sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Love that you got the free loom! Where to put it indeed... Move over all you other looms!!

I like the simple colors of the white and terracotta. If I didn't have a black dog that sheds black hair I would sooo go for a rug that color.


Sharon said...

I ran out of time today but I have some basil that positively must be picked - it's close to bolting. I had planned to make pesto today - tomorrow is out. It's uber-hot - hope it holds to Sunday. I thawed a couple of cubes for lunch today - the best!!!

Gail said...

I love the colors of your new rug.

Your string balls make me want to crochet a rug but my laziness win, and I do nothing.

Tina J said...

Could you sew those pieces onto some rag strips and make a rug with bits of color? You could just lay them on the strip and sew up the middle.

Anonymous said...

What about using them for latch hook rugs--how colorful that would be!

Anonymous said...

I was just wishing for fall too. This weather is too hot! Bring on the autumn breeze!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your rag rug is delighful! Such cheerful colors! They have always been my very favorite kind of rug!!! When my daughter was younger (6th grade) we got her a simple loom for Christmas one year and she made her own rag rug. She was so proud of that thing.... she took it with her when she went away to college, to decorate her room and remind her of home.


OHHH I know the excitement of a free loom. Wow that is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

In Russia we often use this method: strips of cloth are sewn on big piece of hard cloth. We sew stripes in rows, close to previous row. Result looks like some kind of fur. You can see some here:

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts