Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yum yum More Crow.


Today was day 2 of the Christmas tour, and I had some help.
I always appreciate someone working the register, so I can demonstrate weaving, and answer peoples' questions. Sometimes, people I know stop by, and it is nice to be free to chat with them.

You know how Walmart has a greeter????
Well, my greeter likes to LAY DOWN on the job.

It was suggested to me that I should lock the cats upstairs during the open house weekend. I didn't take the suggestion, and I am glad that I didn't. First off, they were totally not a problem, and everyone loved them. They got lots of attention, and were very popular.

Two of my daughters, and my almost adopted daughter came with two of my grandchildren.

We got time to talk, and laugh. Time spent with my girls is always good time.

We love each other, and that will never change. Someday I will probably annoy them, like my mother annoys me at times, but they will still be in my corner.
Like I am for my mother.
And yes, I apologized. I hugged her. I told her how MUCH I love her.
I realize that some battles are just not worth it.
She was quick to tell me that I was completely wrong anyway.
I will work on gnashing my teeth, and keeping my big mouth shut.

And what place better to shop for scarves, than at Mom's shop?????
I can't imagine. Don't they look beautiful???
And the price is just right.
Oh, daughters. And mothers.


My mother is a poem
I'll never be able to write,
though everything I write
is a poem to my mother.
~Sharon Doubiago


Sharon said...

I'm glad the open house is going well and smart of your to keep the kitty part of it. He would impress me. Your daughters are beautiful!!! The mother/daughter relationship is fraught with peril and joy. As much as I love my grandsons, I'm sorry my DIL won't have a daughter to enjoy.

T said...

I agree with keeping the kitty - makes your shop so much homier!

Lovely, lovely daughters!

Anonymous said...

The scarves are 'almost' as pretty as the girls! Almost....

The Blue Ridge Gal
(mothers are a pain in the patoot) ;-0

Nancy said...

Your girls are beautiful and they sound so sweet. You must be so proud. I admire you for eating that yummy crow. It takes a really strong person to acknowledge they were wrong (even if they felt they were right) to save feelings.

The scarves are great! They add just the right touch.

Gail said...

Beautiful models and so wonderful you are all close.

Crow is best eatten while warm.

Hilary said...

Yes, it is best eaten are so right!!!
Be done with it.

KarenInTheWoods said...

What a lovely day... I sure wish I was there to stroll into your shop too!

Hilary said...

Your family is gorgeous.. you must be a very proud Mama.. and they must be of you, as well. Crow is an acquired taste. We can lean to tolerate it.. even at our age. ;)

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts