Friday, December 18, 2009


The other day when I went to Green-Conscience in Saratoga, I came home with this lovely wind chime. I fell in love with it, and now it is living in the old kitchen, in a southerly window.


Jinx is enthralled with it, I have every expectation that she will pull it down, but I am hoping that she doesn't.
Isn't it beautiful?

It is bitter cold in the northeast. But it does sound like that big storm coming up the east coast might actually MISS us. There's a change. Usually, NOTHING misses us. I will believe it when I see it.
It is supposed to be 5 below zero tonight. That is just not right.

Along with sock rugs, and blue jean rugs, I have been weaving rugs from old corduroy jeans.
They make one of my favorite rugs. Unfortunately, I don't have much corduroy, and don't really have a source for corduroy scraps.


I have to adjust my thinking when I go to the studio. It isn't like home, where you can walk around mid winter barefoot if you want, with no ill effects.
At the studio, you want to have your fleece socks on, with slippers. You want to turn the heat up in the room that you are in. Following the sun is a great idea........the living room is sunny in the early late morning, the old living room is brilliant in sun, and by mid afternoon, the old kitchen is where you want to be. Although some days, when the wind is cutting, being next to the pellet stove is the ONLY place to be.
I have a wool sweater, a garage sale find, that is my old standby, guaranteed to keep me comfortable.
In an old post and beam house, there is no insulation. There is no place to put it. And yet, people have lived here since 1790. They managed. They lived with it. I guess if they did it, I can, too.


Anonymous said...

I'm a sock and sweater gal too. The fireplace is roaring tonite as snow falls outside. Going to be a very white week-end. Oh, and LOVE the windchime. Great color to uplift the spirits during the gray skies of winter.

Gail said...

I love the chimes! And the rug. Stay warm.

Sharon said...

Good find on the chimes. I especially like the colors. It occurs to me to wonder how you finish the fringe on your rugs. Do you twist them?

JC said...

I love wind chimes ...

Carol said...

A corduroy rug sounds wonderful. Love the wind chime...stay warm. I am looking forward to some snow here in southern New England tomorrow sometime.

Sojourner Design said...

Hi Hilary,
Even my studio, with the radiant heat in the floor, was a little chilly yesterday afternoon. (Of course I could have nudged the heat up, but with radiant heat changes come slowly).

I like my studio's comfort, but love to see the photos of your un-insulated one!


T said...

Love the wind chime!

Hilary said...

You'd never know it was cold there by the sunny appearance. Love the wind chime.. and of course the rug.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Your chimes are just gorgeous!

Sorry to have sent that bitter cold your way... we are up to 32 here now, so that will come to you too, eventually!

Weatherman just said we have a chance of 12 inches of snow on Xmas! whheeeeeeeeeeee

Michael said...

You have a cat named Jinx?! That warms my core! I did once as well. Of course He was a He. I digress. Love the wind chime!

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Because every thread counts