Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 is a bust.

New Year's Resolutions, uncut.

1. Learn how to take naps, and when you have learned, perFect them.

2.Make a list of friends, old and new, and spend TIME with them. Lunch, day trips, coffee, a glass of wine, a bike ride, a walk. Any time is good time.

3. Walk. No matter what. Foot pain, knee pain, never mind. Walk. Then walk some more.

4. Be very selective about custom orders. No more jumping through hoops to weave an order that sounds horrific from the first phone call. You don't HAVE to take every order. Embrace this phrase: "custom orders considered". Put that phrase on your web site. Be exclusive. Don't be so easy. Play hard to get. (well, not too hard)

5. When you do take orders that sound doable, and even enjoyable, take your time. Don't break your neck to get them done as fast as humanly possible. Noone expects a custom rug in a week.
You are your own worst enemy.

6. Remember that the studio is a passion, and not a paycheck. It doesn't have to make you crazy, ever. It only has to support itself. Do what you love. It really IS that simple.

7. Keep better records, in a notebook, the old fashioned way.

8. Plant flowers this year, lots of them; and more trees, make your garden the retreat you have always wanted.

9.Let old resentments go, like the hawk on the wind, silently.

10. Plan time off. You know it is the only way you will really take it. Make detailed plans, then commit.
You cannot CAN NOT work 7 days a week. It is NOT allowed. Take a day off. Take two. If you don't tell someone, plan with someone, you will not do it. YOU ARE a workaholic.

11. Be open to what the universe is saying to you. There is no better way to create your life every day.

12.Practice gratitude, every day.

13. Weave what you want, what moves you; become a better weaver.

From Crazy as a Loom


Country Girl said...

I wondered this about you and these are all such good resolutions. But I wondered if you might be a (gasp) workaholic. I especially like that you can see this and know that you need to take time for yourself.
I can't walk through foot pain and have to get surgery done on my right foot for a morton's neuroma that's killing me. I can't walk around the house in bare feet anymore, or even a pair of socks. Has to either be shoes or my slippers with thick socks in them.
Ok. Thinking of you. I'm watching old Thin Man shows. It's a marathon night on TCM. Luv it.

Gail said...

Great ideas, now follow through and enjoy 2010!

Happy New Year.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh Hilary, you are such a voice of reason! Kudos to you--- have a great 2010

Need A Latte Mom said...

Happy New Years Hilary!

I would like to order a wool rug warped in puple, red, green. It needs to be EXACTLY the size of 14.7 feet wide 36.2 feet long. The rug should be Williamsburg red, blue and green and I need it by January 4th.
;)...just giving you a hard time!

Have a wonderful New Year!
Again....I love your rugs.

Candy Duell said...

Happy New Year Hilary. What a great post! Now as for the flowers, go to google and look up Winter Sowing. That is something fun to do in the winter, and you get tons of flowers in the spring :) Enjoy!

Hilary said...

Wise plans. Number 11 (of which I think #9 is a part) will probably get you through all of them. Those walks will go a long way to help ensure that.

Happy New Year, my namesake. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have some stick-to-it iv-ness in you and can handle this list. I'm generally a bust by the second day. LOL. As for walking, umm humm, foot pain is such a bummer don't ya know.

Happy New Year and let us know how you do with your list.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Becky said...

Some really thought provoking resolutions there, and I can relate to quite a few of them too.
Happy New Year :-)

bspinner said...

I like all your resolutions but number 1 is my favorite.

Reagan Patrice said...

Love your plans for the year. Paper is always good. Makes a better connection with your work/records/life.

Gotta comment more, you have great music on your page.

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Because every thread counts