Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let them eat cake without plastic

I think Jinx is taking her inspection to new heights........I was printing the UPS label right behind her at the computer, and she jumped in the box.

Tomorrow is my mother's birthday, she will be 85. Since we are expecting an ice storm, we decided to have a little family party for her tonight.
So I stopped to get a cake mix, so I could whip up her favorite dessert, a strawberry decadence cake. I bought an aluminum cake pan while I was in the supermarket, one with a plastic cover, which I thought would be good to transport the cake back home.
My plan was to bake the cake, thaw the strawberries, and put the dessert together at the studio, in between threading the 7 ft loom.

But when the cake was done, it looked deformed. It was huge on one side, and nonexistent on the other.
Then I saw it.
A piece of plastic.

So I flipped the cake over, and saw that the entire bottom of the cake was covered with melted plastic.
I poured the cake mix into the inverted plastic top that the pan came with.
Oh, dear.


So I went to the store, again, and started over.

My husband made lasagna for dinner, two huge pans. One with meat, one with spinach. They were awesome. We had salad, and two loaves of Villa's bread.

My mother decided that since she won't be 85 until tomorrow, today she should celebrate her last day of being 84.
Some people think that's pretty funny.

And the cake turned out OK after all.


Happy Birthday, Mom.


KarenInTheWoods said...

OH my gawd, you sure are hilarious!!!!

(and I was thinking you were gonna say he made the lasagna in the same kind of pan and made the same mistake with the lid!)

And I must say, what a wonderful attitude your mom has! Give her an extra hug for not being a crabby old lady.... tee heee heeeeee!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the idea of celebrating her last day of being 84. I may just do that this coming year... would be nice to celebrate a day early anyway. Ice storm? Oh my. We are taking a beating of a rainstorm right now. Hopefully tomorrow will be just a little bit warmer.

Stay inside! No going out on icy roads, okay?
The Blue Ridge Gal

Country Girl said...

This is something I would have done. With the cake. Thanks for sharing that little snafu.

Happy day to your mom. And take care in this storm. I'm hoping for a 2-hour delay for us tomorrow!

Hilary said...

You sure have some young and beautiful looking genes in your family. Even the cat got in on those good looks. Must be all that plastic. ;)

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother.

Delighted Hands said...

This sounds like my cooking habits! Glad you had time to re-do! Best wishes to your Mom; hope you don't have a dangerous ice storm.


Best Wishes to your Mom! I've done the plastic in oven routine too, LOL.

Daryl said...

Your mom looks fabulous ... happy birthday to her and many more .. tell her she doesnt look a day over 80!

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Happy Birthday to your mother!!! I'll be sure to check my next pan before baking!!! lol

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one those crazy things happen to....usually happens when we are rushing...right? Sounds like it was a wonderful party for everyone, especially the still 84 year old. Happy Birthday to your Mother!

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Because every thread counts