Sunday, December 6, 2009

Peace and quiet.

Early Sunday morning on my street. It is quiet, and looks like it should be on a Christmas card.
I still don't like winter.

dec6 003

But I took my cuppa tea, and drove the 8 miles to Kingsbury.
My house awaits.
dec6 004

Surrounded by fields and farmland. Can you tell I love it?? This little hamlet of Kingsbury somehow touches me deeply.

dec6 013

Just enough snow to cover everything, and not enough to be a problem.

dec6 010

My driveway doesn't even need to be plowed. This old apple tree is hanging on, even though parts of it have crashed to the ground in summer storms.

dec6 027

So today was the third and last day of the Christmas in the Country tour. It was a quieter day, but I still made some nice sales. And in between flurries of customers, I had a chance to do some fabric prep for my next order.
The cats continued to be the stars of the show. They purred and they preened, and they were perfectly behaved.
But I think towards the end of the day, they were getting tired, as was I.

dec6 031

"Is it over yet?"

Yes, Sydney, it is over until next year. Now I have two orders to finish for Christmas, and tomorrow will be business as usual.
The quiet will be totally welcome.


Marsel said...

Such gorgeous snowy scenery!

Anonymous said...

Love you house... AND the neighborhood. It takes me back to my childhood just a little bit. :-)

The Blue Ridge Gal

Hilary said...

Beautiful photos, Hilary. I love snowy scenes despite disliking winter. Your Sydney looks like my Skittles. :)

Country Girl said...

Hilary, these photos are awesome. I love the one of the cat on the chair, too. Glad your weekend was successful. So very glad for you.

ELK said...

stunning! and your daughters in the posts before as well....glad you had a good tour

T said...

The red berry and tree pictures are stunning!

So glad to hear that your weekend was successful.

Sharon said...

Congratulations on the show. You knew it would be exhausting but it sounds like you were rewarded. You and kitties deserve a day of rest. Seems like everyone is reporting snow - very pretty.

kestrel said...

My favourite pic - the blood red berries peeping out of the snow. The 2 colours together are really startling. Beautiful shot. Your house looks fanstatic - white on white

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Wow!! These photos could be beautiful Christmas cards. Thank you, too, for the mini tour of your world.


I love the red berry tree with the snow just beautiful, makes me homesick. I glad your weekend was successful.

A New England Life said...

Your blog looks wonderful Hilary, and I love the photos! Great job : )


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Because every thread counts