Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Green, green, it's green they say.


I know. This photo is totally fiction. There is no green grass here in northeast NY, there is pretty much nothing green here this time of year.
I took that picture last year, but today it appealed to me. It beckons me to take that step, start down that path. It looks so peaceful, so serene.
I hate winter, but I love this time of year. December, for me, is time to ponder the last 12 months.
To think about what I have done that has worked, and to figure out what hasn't worked that well. I have feelings of satisfaction, and some regret.
But January is right around the corner, and more than a time to make resolutions, for me it is a time to embark. That's what it feels like to me. Taking off on the boat that is the rest of my life. Hoping to get it, MORE right. Perfection isn't an option.
But synchronicity, simplicity, the soft sound of chimes....yeah, that's what I'm aiming for.

My friend Sheila sent me a link to a Letting Go Ritual. I went there, and tried it. For no apparent reason, I got tearful. I feel like I am on the precipice of learning something very important. About myself. About my life. I am afraid to bite into it, I feel like I am starving myself all day in anticipation of eating out at a great restaurant. I don't want to spoil it.

Go on over and try it. Tell me what you think.

Yesterday I sold some rugs to a fairly new store called Green Conscience, in Saratoga Springs.
I am very excited to have my lodge rugs,blue jean rugs and Solmate sock rugs there. They are a local business dedicated to providing inspiration and education to people who are interested in a sustainable lifestyle. They carry a variety of organic and eco-friendly lawn, garden and home improvement products. I love that we are of the same mind, that my rugs 'fit' there so well.

And here's a news flash. I took the afternoon off today. I went to lunch. I went Christmas shopping. I totally goofed off.
See, I can do it!!


Unknown said... a good afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I wanted the afternoon off but had to deal with getting insurance quotes since our current company is sticking it to us with rate increases. Greedy bastages!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Unknown said...

Just visited that letting go ritual link, intersting site. sure gives one alot to think about

Sharon said...

I'm struggling with time. I don't know where it goes and then it's gone. I don't know if that's because I've only been retired six months, but I end up feeling rootless and aggitated without a schedule. I try to set one, but I wonder if I'm just not letting go of the habit of a work ethic. Guess I had better go check out your Letting Go link~


Thanks for the link to the Letting Go site I also got tearful when I finished, it was a wonderful feeling of relief.

'Zann said...

Nice link - I found the ritual very useful. I wasn't ready to work with something deeply painful, but focused on my strugggle with procrastination. Having to write just 20 words was interesting and I found myself writing something quite unexpected, a new thought on the subject. That I procrastinate in doing what I really want to do because I'm afraid of not being's not really original, but it's a perspective I haven't looked from before.
I feel emotional, but kind of excited - so thanks!!

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Because every thread counts