Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nothing but the truth

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Drudge work.
All this fabric had to be washed.
The washing machine didn't tempt me, because I knew what a tangled mess it would make.
So yesterday afternoon, I spent quite some time, unrolling the wet balls, rinsing them with the hose, and hanging them to dry.
Then I spent the afternoon in the garden, weeding the rock wall. My sunflowers are about 10 ft tall.

And I cleaned the wild grape vine out of my hydrangea bush.

Then we drove an hour to attend a surprise birthday party for my youngest daughter's best friend.
Jo has been like an adopted daughter to me, and I love her very much. She is a sweet, sweet soul who grew up into a beautiful young woman, in spite of less than a stellar start in life.
My whole family loves her.
And here she is, supposedly coming around the back of my daughter's house to see the new deck, and we are all waiting there for her.

She wavered between laughing and crying. She kept saying, "I think I'm gonna' pass out."

And she saw her friend from college who had driven up from the city, and then she really did cry.
But all was well.
She loved the party! It was all for her, and she was very touched.
Everyone had a great time.

That is the Vera Bradley purse I bought for her, and she liked my choice of colors, which is amazing!
This is my daughter's friend, Joe, who is a photographer. If you saw the pics in a previous post
of my three daughters, you saw some of his work. As you can see by his camera, he is a serious photographer. But it is more than the equipment.......he has a talent that I can't even comprehend. Go to his web site if you want to see more. He is truly awesome.
And here they three girls....hope you don't get sick of seeing them. Of course, I never do.

Today was a crazy, wild day with my husband's two daughters and all the kids here for more pool adventures, and his spaghetti and meatballs.
I am totally exhausted, and looking forward to a QUIET, KID FREE week.
Sorry, but that's the truth.
I have a lot to do this week, starting with a weaving student tomorrow, and lots of fabric prep for a rug order.
Until next time.


Gail said...

How sweet! Your daughters are beautiful and is your surprise birthday girl.

Sorry about the string, I told that kitty not to do that! Wouldn't listen to me, you know how cats are.

Anonymous said...

Oh lookie! The purse matches her outfit! You made an awesome color choice for her. GOOD JOB!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Delighted Hands said...

Glad you had a 'happy family' day! Can't believe you washed all those fabric balls!

Nancy said...

Your daughters are beautiful, as is your youngest's best friend. How sweet to have such a nice party for her.

What is it with cats and boxes? Our last cat kept going in the same box, which we eventually just threw everything away.

India said...

You must be very happy to have three so beautiful daughters and I know how much an extra mother means. I have a very nice mother but I also have other older women in my life that ment a lot to me when i was growing up. You are a very important person I belive. And kittens are truble one of mine have decided to do her needs behind our sofa I am getting crazy! I even washed the floor with vinegar to keep her away, but no it did not work.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts