Saturday, May 3, 2014

Plugging along.

Two posts in two days.  Whoa.

I guess I should confess.   I have been worried all week.  My head has been slamming......8 days in a row....who's counting, right?
I am hoping that it is the horrible weather in the northeast, but of course, the worry is that the bone is growing again, between the rods in my head, and pressing on my brain.
I suppose I could have an MRI, but to be honest, if it doesn't let up after a few weeks, the MRI will be just a formality.
I can't even think about it.
So mostly, I don't.

But it may have something to do with why I struggle with what to say.

Took the baby blankets off the loom yesterday, hemmed and washed them......this is my favorite.  It belongs to baby Dale.

So today, I pulled my stool up close to the loom, and started rethreading for my next project.


When the beater bar and the breast beam are removed, I can pull my stool right up close, the work  is right in front of me, so it doesn't bother my neck.

I got over half of it done, and left the rest for tomorrow.

Took time for a small snack.

I am happy with my decision to not totally renovate the kitchen.

I like the "vintage" look that it has.

Those prints over the stove are particularly sentimental to me.

My old cupboard is also very dear to me.

 Not messing with the old windows was also very important.  I love the wavy glass.  I love that they have been where they are for 200 years plus.

So now, just waiting for the new countertop to arrive.

On top of having a slammer, I also have acquired a lovely head cold to go along with it.
So when I had enough of threading, I went to the grocery store, and then came home and made some wild rice soup.

It was very easy, found a great recipe online.
And had I gone to the doctor, I am sure that it would be exactly what he ordered.


Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Very glad you kept the character of your old house. Love it!
So sorry that your head still is hurting. I am amazed that you can weave with such a bad headache. That is what determination and will power can do. I need to learn that.

Hilary said...

The blanket is gorgeous. I can see that sweetie all cuddled up in it.

The headache is NOT bone growth. It's still unsettled weather. It's STRESS (stop that!) ;) and it's you doing too much. Remember that it did not bother you hardly at all while you were away and came back when you did. Remember how it got steadily worse the other times. You didn't have weeks of relief like you did while away. Do the math. It's NOT bone growth.

Karen said...

I Love the character of your house, glad you are keeping it "real".

WOW what a beautiful blanket, love your color choices.

I'm Going tell you this one more time.. you are doing too much with your head and neck bent over a loom. AND, the weather has been horrible headache weather. Let up on the weaving for a while.. and the weather is improving. See what that does. I agree with Hilary above.

ladyoftheloom said...

I have been following your beautiful blog for years since before your first surgery and before my neck surgery. I used to be a nurse but I no longer give medical advise. I advise as a patient who has been thru surgery and has come out with different limitations from what she went in with.
Do what you freakin' wanna do and rest when you wanna rest. Nothing you do will make it worse so make yourself happy!!! And eat lots of soup and peanut butter.

Kathy Boyd said...

I think I have it figured out Hilary - Love your Blog and Love your weaving !!

Peg Cherre said...

SO SORRY that your head is being so painful still. I'm sending you my best healing thoughts for dry, stable weather and a better head.

How about that shaman - going back to him? Seemed helpful.

Rain said...

Oh Hilary- it's this stinkin northeast east weather- I'm glad to be home- but miss that dry Florida air!! How can it be dry and humid at the same time?! Eat- enjoy your looming-tomorrow will be.........sending u blue clear sky thoughts......

Rain said...

Oh and LOVE your vintage kitchen!!

Daryl said...

I echo what Hilary said …

MaryB said...

I LOVE your stove! Sorry you've had a headache.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts