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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Day

There are some tough things going on right now, especially with my mother.

But in spite of it all, life goes on.
We have to keep moving forward.  Life insists.

We had a baby shower for my youngest this past weekend.

Happiness reigned, in spite of a few tears.

We are all excited and can't wait for Baby Dale.

My bff knitted her this beautiful little sweater.
Morgan looks like she is going to bawl.
It's ok, it's washable.

In addition to lovely gifts, everyone brought the baby a book, to start her library.

At the last minute, I made this chenille baby blanket for her, and that was her favorite thing of all 
the things I made.
Go figure.

Maybe because I have always had a chenille bedspread since I was a little girl.
And now her little girl has one.

The party was held at The Tailored Tea and it was perfect.

My mother has long stopped knitting, but about 10 years ago, when she still had her needles out, she made this sweater, "for when Morgan has a baby".
Perfect color, right on Mom.
This did bring on the tears.

 Morgan is a cat lover, known to all for her Ava made a picture showing her Aunt "Momo" as a mommy cat, and her baby, Dale, as a kitten.
Don't you wonder sometimes how kids think.
I often wish I could still think that way.

More tears?
Geesh, this is a PARTAY!

A while back, I wanted to show you all a sweater that I was knitting, but I couldn't, since my daughters often check out what I am up to.  Hmm.

Here are some shots I took when it was done.

  I was quite pleased with it, but I have to say it was the hardest thing I have ever knitted.

 Here I am with my girls.
Whenever I think that life is hard, and I am overwhelmed, I think of them.
They are SO worth it.

Holly Jo on the left, Brooke in the black.

Morgan on the left, my baby, with her best friend, and my adopted daughter, Jo.

And let's not forget Dale's Daddy.

This is going to be a beautiful baby.

Life may be hard sometimes, and sad, but it can be so good, your heart feels like it will pound right out of your chest.
Isn't that the truth?


TexWisGirl said...

celebrate the good tears. :)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

As one reaches closer to the end of life here, another one is preparing to begin her journey. It's that circle of life. I think it's so very special that your mom knitted a pretty pink sweater. And that little chenille blanket? Well, I wouldn't mind having one of those for myself for now, or for when I am an old woman. Lovely post.

claudia said...

Loved this post, tears and all. Morgan is so beautiful, as are all of your daughters, but she is definitely glowing!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post - and what a beautiful family -
I just love that your mother made a sweater for when Morgan has her baby - how special
The Mama cat and baby cat? TOO perfect........
Thanks so much for sharing!

thotlady said...

Love the baby blanket, how did you make it? And the purple sweater is beautiful. I knit also and I know that must have taken you awhile.

Anonymous said...

What lovely and thoughtful presents everyone made for baby Dale. Beautiful simply beautiful family and friends.

Mrs. M - The Book Lady said...

Beautiful sentiments and gorgeous gifts. I would so love to know how you made that chenille baby blanket if you have time to post. I've looked at others online, but none are as beautiful as yours! Are all the chenille squares separate fabrics?


Anonymous said...

What a great time in your family's life for a celebration of a new life. I just think that's perfect timing on your daughter's part to be having a child now. Oh, and her husband too who looks like he rocks!

The purple sweater you made could not be any more cute!! Double cute in fact. What a great pattern you chose, Hils.

Sending love to you in these very happy and yet very sad times.

sonia a. mascaro said...

So beautiful post and great photos!
What a lovely family!

Gayle said...

What a beautiful event. I love the sweaters. Can you tell us more about the chenille bed spread? How do you have all of those different squares?

Peg Cherre said...

I, too, would love to know how you made that chenille blanket. I have chenille yarn, but couldn't figure out how to make anything like that, or anything reminiscent of the old chenille bedspreads.

Do share your secret!

Deb said...

Happiness all around. Love the thoughtful. And how perfect is that drawing of momma cat and kitten. I wish Morgan a wonderful experience ahead and hope all goes well for mom and baby. Love the family photo of you ladies. Deb

Rain said...

Beautiful family post and love!
Would also like to know how's on the quilt .....?!

Eulalia Benejam Cobb said...

That blue sweater is a WORK of ART (and of love, of course).

Hilary said...

Much truth indeed. My you do beautiful work, my friend. The sweater and the blankie. And the sweater your mother made is just lovely. It's a good thing that tears are so versatile.

Vicky said...

Oh Hilary- this may be my all time most favorite post. Those sweaters!! The blanket- the blanket-the blanket! Seriously- you are so-so talented. I used to have a chenille bedspread too and you just reminded me of how much I loved the softness of it... sigh...

I'm thinking of you and your mom and saying prayers to sustain and nourish you when you need it most. Love to you Hilary!

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Because every thread counts