Crazy as a Loom

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ack, ack, and double ack.
Don't ask me where that word comes from.  I have no idea.  I make them up as I go along.
But when the world seems to tip on its axis, ack comes to mind.  Along with a couple of other words that do not seem appropriate here.

Sydney says:   It's like sometimes you just don't fit in your own box.

Yeah, I get that.

 If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. – Mary Engelbreit

It is so hot in the northeast, they have actually issued a heat warning, so my granddaughters, who came overnight for a riding lesson today, won't be doing that today.   Their teacher cancelled, this high heat and humidity is not kind to her horses, even if the kids would go for it.

They were about as digusted as Sydney.

My poor grandson has been up all night after a bad reaction to anesthesia for a simple wisdom tooth removal, and my daughter has been frantic.  No one likes to see their child sick.

My mother is fading before my eyes, and from one day to the next looks sicker and more frail.
This, of course, has everyone depressed and dealing with impending loss.

Everytime I think I make an impromptu plan, I realize that I can't just "leave". 
Ack, ack, ack.

And when the h.e.l.l. did my hair get so white?????  
Mother of God.


Deep breath.
Close eyes.
Another deep breath.

It's time to take a look at what I can do.   A quick run to Walgreen's to see if they have swim goggles, and if that doesn't work, maybe a finagled quick trip to Target.
Wait.  I'll call K Mart, it's on the way to the studio.

Time to go through my summer clothes.  It's mid July, chances are if I haven't worn it yet, I won't.  Chuck it.
When winter comes, the same routine will happen again.

I still have strips to be sewn.  There is still a warp on the loom.
The refrigerator needs to be cleaned.
I have a book from the library.  A good one.

The girls want to renew their kumihimo skills, if we can find their kumi looms.

There are things to do, life to be lived.  Things to be grateful for, and more positive than negative.

Whatever is annoying, I tell myself, "get over it".
Life goes on.


TexWisGirl said...

sydney is adorable. :) and i like white hair. hang in there with everything you can control!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had white hair. I think it is so much nicer than graying, washed out blonde hair. Rock the white, girl!!

claudia said...

I have a plan for when my hair is all white. A blue streak! A really brilliant, gorgeous, blue streak. I figure planning that will make it so much fun when I actually reach all white. I'm close!!!
I have to breath a big sigh for you. I'm caring for my Dad, so I kind of know what you are going through. Of course, no one could ever know the whole of it, only you, and your family. Just know...I think of you each day I get up and ready to go to work. I also ask the universe to be kind to you and your Mom. This is a hard position to be in.

ain't for city gals said...

life is tough day at a time.

Franny V said...

White hair is the bomb! Mine is almost completely there. I think of all the money I spent having it colored and it's sad. I should have saved the money for a new loom.

Is that Sydney's original box? It looks like it's been well loved and patched alot. One of my cat's (a big Maine Coon) had a tiny bathroom wastebasket that she would cram herself into.

Hang in there!

lynda said...

I have been where you are, having just lost my mom in May. Three of us juggled a crazy round the clock care schedule, thinkingbeveryday that we couldn't go on much longer as we were physically and emotionally drained..hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you...
Have to say that your pool looks WONDERFUL, as I swelter here in PA! Sounds like you are juggling a lot of balls! One day at a time and let your weaving, animals and grandkids be some of your stressbusters...

Karen said...

ooh that pool looks wonderful. The heat is gasty here too, makes us wonder if we shoulda put a pool in after all. this is the first house that we decided not to do it. rethinking that whole deal.

I have a friend who has hair very similar to yours and she is about the same age. She puts a color streak in it and it looks absolutely awesome. Sometimes blue, sometimes fuscia, sometimes purple, sometimes two colors next to each other, just a streak. I love it! I dare ya.

Anonymous said...

Syd, you are a Diva and I love you!

Hilary your hair is absolutely beautiful. Just think to have any hair is better than no hair! I agree a streak of intense blue would look awesome ;-)

thotlady said...

Good attitude. Sorry about your mum. It is hard I know. I lost my dad 10 years ago now.

Love the stove in the photo of your cat. Is it old or just retro?

Hang in there, I live in Virginia and it has been in the hi 90's all week. It is our wedding anniversary today and we have tickets to an outdoor production of Othello. Ack is right! In this heat it will be difficult.
And the mosquitoes, don't get me started.

sonia said...

Your cat is gorgeous. I'm also grateful for my pool. I don't know how I'd survive this heat without it!

Hilary said...

Between your Ack(and I have to admit that I use it too.. big surprise) and Daryl's Gah.. we could begin a whole new blogging vocabulary.

You look great despite the stressful times. And true.. this too shall pass.

Cupcake Murphy said...

You're the best. Sorry your plate is overflowing right now.

Daryl said...

the white looks great ... think of yourself as a norweigan blonde!

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Because every thread counts