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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I love to do

So I got the sectional beam for my AVL, but unfortunately, there is no place to attach the tension box.
AVL has an attachment that you can put on the back of the loom, but it is made with a groove that fits the AVL tension box.
I have a Leclerc tension box, and that was a problem.

Luckily, I have access to a handy man, the same guy that built my porch and has done a hundred other jobs for me.
He built me a frame, out of hard wood, that attaches in the exact same place as the AVL extension would go, but this one works with my Leclerc tension box.

So now, all I have to do is pound all the sectional pieces into the beam, and we are ready to go.
I haven't decided yet what my first project will be.
Decisions, decisions.

It is brutally hot in the northeast.  Even the studio, which normally maintains its cool even in the midst of summer, was unbearable.
I managed to finish these two rugs, reminding me once again about what I love to do.
First, a container rug in BLUES.

Then a container rug in shades of RED

But right now, I am staying close to the AC.
Got my book.
Got my iced tea.

I'm good.


annie said...

I love your blue and the red rugs, just beautiful!

TexWisGirl said...

love the one in blue! cool blue, i might add. :)

Anonymous said...

Love both rugs! We are staying close to the AC as well... did to out and water the garden a while but it's way too hot today.

Country Girl said...

Glad you're good. Really glad.

Deb said...

The rugs are very nice. We are sweltering here, too. Not my kind of hair goes flat. :-b

Country Gal said...

Hot and humid here to ! Lovely rugs . Isn't it nice to have a handy man ? Stay cool and thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

Daryl said...

not much better on a hot hot summer day than a good book and AC!

Hilary said...

I love those shades of blue. And I'm loving this heat. Sounds like you're all set. Good book?

Cupcake Murphy said...

You're impressive.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts