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Monday, June 3, 2013


I am convinced that things in my head were moved around during surgery, maybe not much, but how much does it take for changes to occur??
I'm only half kidding.
Two migraines, complete with visual auras, which in my case are jagged lights that make it difficult to read and last about 20 minutes, before the sledge hammer connects with your forehead.  Two days in a row.
You think headaches would be so old hat, eh??
On Saturday, I plowed through it, refusing to lie down or anything else sensible, and paid the price.
Last night when it happened, I let Roy out, back in, and said, BEDTIME.  He was all for that.
Still light out?
No problem.
So today I figured it was worth a trip to the doctor to get some good stuff to take when you know it's coming, since Motrin did not even get noticed.
Or maybe, now that I've got a prescription, I won't have them.

This morning, being so well rested, I was up at the crack of dawn, and raring to go.

The porch at the studio needed cleaning.
 I think it looks pretty good.

The mourning dove that makes her nest every year over my hot tub has had two babies.

The other day I noticed that Momma was gone, and the babies looked poised for flight.  And certainly big enough to go.

The next day they were gone.

Lois has  been weaving off the last of the bleached loopers.  32" x 52".
I love the colors.

Mother is home.  Stable on new meds.
The heat wave is over.  Sun is shining, sweet breeze is blowing.
Yarn is in the mail.
I'm prepared for another migraine, should it occur.
 Warp is tied on for point twill towels.
Tomorrow, I'm going to weave.  Simple.  Uncomplicated.
Please God.


Unknown said...

Your porch is gorgeous -
I feel for you with migraines - I've only ever had one ( when I was 16 ) but my girlfriends daughter has been getting them monthly since she was 6 years old -
Hope the meds work

Lona said...


TexWisGirl said...

bless you. hope the meds will help.

Country Girl said...

Been thinking about you. If you can get away by yourself, that cottage I had in Maine is available June 22-29.

Karen said...

I'm sad to read that comment left by Kate up above :-( But you know, I think you should go.

I love the doves! One of my favorite birds, lucky you to have a dove nest to watch...

Imitrex has helped me for migraines.. the kind you spray in your nose, because if you're nauseous as well as head-pounding and auras, you could throw up the pills.

I wish we didn't know these things, truly.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Fingers crossed you get a good day.
Beautiful rug.
Sweet little doves, and happy mum is home and doing well !

Anonymous said...

I agree. Go to the cottage. Take your granddaughter and have fun. :)

Cait Throop said...

Your porch looks so inviting! Maybe you can sit in one of those rockers and relax?? Maine does sound good, though!

MrsB said...

I still would not be surprised if your migraines are brought on my barometric pressure changes - ie - rains is a commin.

I know it triggers mine.

Daryl said...

did they give you cafregot/migergot? thats what i got for my cluster migraines ... i read the ingredients and discovered it was hugely caffeine mixed with of all things LSD .. i kid you not .. so i opted to not take it and instead when i would see the shimmering aura i would down a large black coffee and lie down ... Dr Edelstein at your service ;)

Unknown said...

The porch looks awesome!
I haven't ha d a warp on in over a week~it makes me a little crazy! Headed south for a few days of family doings-looking forward to getting back and paddling and weaving! I hope the Rx is good mojo to keep the headaches away!XO
ps - you accomplish more on a bad day then some people do in a year!!!

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Because every thread counts