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Saturday, June 22, 2013

On the farm

The girls keep  me on my toes.  More weaving this morning.  They really do love it.
And you are right, their selvedges are just about perfect, and I think it's exactly because they DON'T think about it.
They just weave.
There is something so natural about the way they do it.

But they wanted to see "Maizie", my friend's goat baby.  So off to the farm we headed.

My BFF and her partner have a small part of heaven.  And I'm not kidding.

Her sheep have to cross this little bridge to get to their pasture.

A little mud, and the threat of bugs was not about to deter these two.
They were on a mission.

The flock was in the far corner of the four acres, under some trees for shade.  There was a lovely breeze blowing.

Maizie is getting big, but she is still the princess here.

 Some are not so impressed, though.

Some are downright grumpy about it.

I can STILL see you.

We had a great day.   It's like being a mother with young kids again, but better.

I love watching them investigate their world.  Do you remember when everything was so new and wonderful??
It's good to remember.

 We left the farm and went to town, where we had Mexican for lunch, and ended up in the book store.
The girls were intent on picking out books.
I left the childrens' section for a few minutes, and my friend, who had stayed with the two girls, texted me and said, "you are in SO much trouble."
Ah, yes.  But it's only money.
And there is something so special about kids in a book store.
I wrote down the names of the books I wanted, came home, and requested them online from the library.
And it's ALL good.


claudia said...

Maizie is just adorable. So are your Grands!
My girls would ask for a Ask for Ask for barrettes for their But let them just hint that they wanted a book. I'd jump at that chance to spend the money on books!

Deb said...

What a sweet goat baby. I love the oldsters, too. Your grand-daughters are so cute. I got to spend the day with mine today, too, and she is right now sound asleep in the next room. She's having a sleep over. It is fun and does bring back wonderful memories of our own kids.

Diane said...

Kids, books, sheep--a WONDERFUL combination!!

Hilary said...

I love that they're bibliophiles.. that's the best way to fill in the gaps of an otherwise full summer. And Maize (I had an auntie Maize!) is adorable. You plan your reading exactly as I do... only these days I search on Goodreads and then order from the library. Gorgeous day. I'm happy to see you out there enjoying your beautiful grandkidlets.

Rita said...

Delightful! Yes, children's eyes and enthusiasm breathe life into everything! :) I am so glad they love books!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Not sure what I liked seeing more-- The sweet baby sheep or those fabulous purple socks!

Glad to see someone else using BLoglovin! I'm a follower.


Anonymous said...

Can't have too many books, can you?

I'm playing catch-up on my blog reading, so I'll also say that DH may be very right about how long you'll take to recover. I had minor surgery on my shoulder a couple of years ago, and the therapist told me it would be a year before I could swim (he was right; I tried at 8 months and couldn't do it), and that was just a bit of arthroscopic probing, not someone poking around in my brain! Take it easy, give yourself time.

Daryl said...

what a wonderful day .. i think the stink of sheep is a bit overwhelming but well worth all those photos and for me/to me there's noting better than time in a bookstore

Country Girl said...

It is ALL GOOD. All of it, all of this post. It just downright makes me glad. What a perfectly lovely day, Hilary!


Unknown said...

Curious to know if you are working on your AVL and if it's what you hoped for....

Cupcake Murphy said...

Maisie is magical. The big guys look like Fred Gwynn from The Munsters. And I mean that in a good way.

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts