Thursday, August 16, 2012


A few days ago, someone called me about a loom.  People do that a lot.
This lady had this loom, and hadn't used it for years, and asked me to look at it, and maybe help her find a home for it.

So yesterday, since she was only about 5 miles away, I dragged myself off the couch, put Roy in the car, and went to look at it.

So ok, ok, maybe I am facing brain surgery, but hey...........I'm here now.  I'm alive, and this LOOM NEEDED A HOME.
C'mon know I couldn't resist it.

It's a little Macomber C.P. 4 harness, 6 treadle, made before 1978, when Macomber was in Massachusetts.
I think the lady bought it new, the original papers are with it,  and other than a little dust, the loom is in great shape.

Haven't decided what to do with it yet.  It has a 16" weaving width, and folds up with a handle on the side to CARRY it with.
It is too freaking cute.
I may keep it for students, sell it, keep it.......haven't decided.  It will tell me, eventually.

But I am not entirely out of my mind.   One loom came in, and one loom left.
The Union Custom that I just bought a few weeks ago, went home with my friend Patty.   Here is her husband, transporting it.
Bonus:  it's warped with 40 yards for placemats or table runners.
Patty wanted it badly, and besides, I have 3 Union looms already.

I know I have said it before, but ever since I opened Crazy as a Loom Weaving Studio, I have met the most wonderful people.  Some of them have become friends that I can't imagine not having in my life.

Two of them, Patty and Michelle, threaded this loom for me today.
I tried to thread it, but the position I was in to thread the heddles, made my neck throb, and then that made my head worse.
They very kindly offered to do it for me.

Yes,  I am fortunate.  Because going through a tough time is easier with friends.  And family.  People who care, and people who show it on a daily basis.
 I couldn't do it without them.
And I couldn't have done this last year without them.

I decided today to get myself to the studio, and try to act 'as if' everything was normal.
It was much better than sitting home, over thinking and worrying myself into a dither.
As the day went on, I realized how much I had to be grateful for.
And I'm going to try being more invested in making a gratitude list, than I am in adding up my demons.

So I'll begin here; with my gratitude list.

A perfect warp.


Hilary said...

Family and friends (real life and online) always. I don't think I would ever have "a perfect warp" on my list but maybe a great lens. ;)

Keep thinking positive, H. :)

Rita said...

Lovely, lovely post.
I know when I dwell on the negative I just make it worse. So I try to find the positive, lighter, grateful side of things, too. Life is too short to end any one day on a bad note. Enjoy your wonderful looms and friends. You made my day a little brighter because I caught a bit of your light. :)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I think it's so nice that you gave the little loom a new home. I hope it brings you hours of relaxing enjoyment. Family and friends....yes, the best!

Karen said...

Hilary, I think you should write a book, in your spare time... LOL!...Weaving the threads of My Life.. or something.

MarthaVA said...

Hillary, that new to you little loom is TOO cute! :-) I wish I'd fall into something like that!

Ok, I've NEVER (in 2 years of weaving) put on a perfect warp - and that one is wide. Lucky you that there are talented people to help you out!

I've been stating gratitude/thankful stuff on my FB posts the last couple of days.

Good friends are priceless.

Take care.

DJan said...

I am hoping that the surgery goes well and you will be back to your old self again. I love your new header, just love it. And your camera has a very talented owner who takes many wonderful pictures, another thing I am grateful for!!!

Valerie said...

That little Macomber is a perfect workshop loom if you tie the treadles up with texsolve rather than the hooks. Lucky you...or "lucky them", if you know someone who likes to take their looms to workshops.

Bless you and your stamina...don't know how you do all you've done through the headache.

Love your Mary Oliver quote in the header. That is one of my favorite poems.

lcampana said...

I wish I lived in your neighborhood. I'd be glad to help you anytime. Maybe then I'd get some real weaving done. I've been slacking a bit lately. I weave with fine threads and have no idea how to plan a rug.

I'm glad the weather gives you some relief. Hopefully, this will soon be behind you and you can start enjoying life more.

You definitely have a lighter tone in your writing when you write about things you love and love to weave rather than when you talk about getting out orders. I would keep the studio as a refuge and the shop but fill it with things that strike your fancy (people will still buy) and take the pressure off production.

HH isn't affecting your wit and humor. Love the edited pictures of Dennis.

Love, Lesley

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Because every thread counts