Friday, August 17, 2012

I live in NY, but........

L has had the studio to herself a lot these last few months.....I have been an extreme slacker at times.

She isn't always working her fingers to the bone though.
Sometimes, she doing "good deeds".
Like helping her nephew weave a table runner for his Mom for her birthday.
Shhhhh.   It's a surprise.
So, what, she's not a blog follower????


Unfortunately, DENNIS, I can in no way put your photo on my blog while you are wearing a NY
YANKEES tee shirt.  It just can't happen.

But not to worry, I fixed it for you.
Go SOX!!!!!

L gave him the abbreviated version, with a pre-existing warp.
But I definitely think he has some potential.
He is really paying attention.

And he did a great job, Mom is going to be so proud.

NOW......if we can't just persuade him to switch baseball teams.

Apparently, Chiari/HH is affected by the barometric pressure.......we got some rain, and we are supposed to get more, and I can tell, because it takes the edge off the pain.
It's not gone, it's just not so hard.

Today, I totally amused myself for the most part, weaving a baby blanket on the Schacht 36" loom that got warped yesterday.
The loom is in the hall upstairs.  I wove with two windows open, and a sweet breeze coming in.
I took my time, and loved every minute.
It makes me think about the weaving I want to do, and the joy I find it it every time.  When my headache is gone, I am committed to weaving what my heart wants me to.

Do you like it?


Deb said...

Awww..he's a real cutie. Sweet guy to want to do that for his mom. I love it..that is gorgeous. Love the colours and you are an amazing weaver. :)

Anonymous said...

It's just soooo pretty. And you sound as though you are doing better. Most likely it's due to now seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. XOX

Country Girl said...

Oh yes! It's lovely and sweet. Here's hoping for more rainy days coming your way in the near future. Thinking of you, Hilary ~

ain't for city gals said...

I love it!

Hilary said...

Yes, it's lovely. And Dennis is adorable. Your edits of his t-shirt cracked me up. Censorship at CAAL!

I'm glad your change in weather has brought some relief. I wonder, if before diagnosis, did you notice the connection to weather and HH?

Acorn to Oak said...

I like how you changed/fixed his shirt. lol That baby blanket is gorgeous! I love it!

Donna S. said...

I do!! Actually I love it!! Have a friend in my fiber group that is having surgery for the same problem at the end of the month. She is going to Barnes in St. Louis.

Donna said...

I DO... it's lovely; although I'm not sure I'd share it with a baby since it would look perfect in my bedroom!

Daryl said...

its lovely. makes me want to urge all the young women I know to go have babies so I can order some

And much as I love you .. and dislike baseball .. I say let the kid alone!

Dianne said...

I love it
it shouts out comfy and cozy and snuggles

I can't believe what you did to Dennis' shirt!! the carnage!!

yes I'm a Yankees fan
although I was happy when the Sox won the Series, Boston is a great city and they like me there

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Because every thread counts