Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stayin' In

Back when this monkey business started, LOIS, put this line in my head.......and NOW I go around all day singing it.
It is TOTALLY her fault, and I am holding her responsible.
And these guys.  Of course.
Little pink and purple pole dancers.

Now that YOU have the silly song in YOUR head......I feel better.

Even though it was in the 90's today, when you walked into the studio, it felt like the AC was on.
Which of course is impossible, since there is no AC.
So we were thrilled that the old house stayed so cool.

While we tried to get something done, the cats were lying around like the heat outside was killing them.
But then, they always lay around that way.

Do you need a close up??

Jinksie always gets the poshest window seat, and leaves the cobbled up one to Miss Puss.

We decided on a colorful warp for the Union 36.  Now there's a surprise.

It's going to be totally fun to weave off.

But after a long day, I am feeling pretty much like this.......
I just don't look as good doing it as she does.


Deb said...

Boy, it was hot today. I was so happy to reach the houses that had A/C for the stay at home cats. Our house is very old like your studio and it stays quite cool but we still needed the A/C today. Love those monkeys but you know I'm here for the cats.

Sus said...

Hilary, I love the mobile hanging in your window. I need of close-up photo, please?!

joyceetta said...

How funny....I was just noticing how much I liked that mobile as well!

Hilary said...

It IS a pretty mobile (there, we just planned part of your next blog post).. and a gorgeous kitty. I love the colourful thread photo, also.

Cait Throop said...

Oh it is so hot up here, too, Hilary! I am totally listless but off to buy one of your fabulous monkeys for the soon-to-be granddaughter! Amanda is not only a wonderful monkey maker but also an amazing weaver and all-around nice person!!

Sharon said...

Oh I do love that warp. I can't wait to see what it grows up to be.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts