Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little of this.

Since we put the 7 foot Toika in the front bedroom upstairs, there is no longer a bed in there.
But when I have weaving bootcamps weekends, I need someplace for me to sleep, if I have filled the other bedrooms.
So I bought this chair and a half.
It opens to a single bed.  It will do the trick nicely, without taking up too much room.

It is presently covered with a large bedsheet, cause you know the cats were fighting over who would lay on it first.
Sydney won, btw.

Talk about monkey business........I have sold monkeys all day.   I guess I better get CRACKING.
Oh, dear, what I get myself into.
We just ordered boxes the exact size of a monkey.
That's real monkey love.

This boy, Next/Nexxie/BubbyBoy, has become quite the fixture around Crazy as a Loom.  While the other cats rule inside, he has the outside covered.
He appears to be happy, and he is most definitely handsome.
Winter will be problematic.  I don't want to leave him outside, and I'm not sure how it will work out to bring him inside, with 3 females, and 1 male.
Any ideas???


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

My blog post today is entitled, "A Little of This" so I guess we're on the same track. Congratulations on the monkey business!

Deb said...

Start rubbing him down with a towel and put the towel in with the indoor cats. Rub them down and place the towel with Next. They get used to each others scent that way. You can do it with large socks, too. You will have to expect some growling and hissing when you first bring him in. I always have a water bottle standing by so that no one gets into a roll around fight. You can put Next in a room of his own for awhile and introduce him slowly one by one but I think you are too busy for that. If you have a room with a screen door (or temporarily add one to a room) you can put him on one side and let them all meet that way. Stay close by and feed them near the screen door. Next will have his bowl on the inside of the door and the others can come up to their bowls on the outside of the screen door. There will be noise but it eventually calms down. When you feel a little less anxious about the 'meet' just open the door letting him still have the room.

Your monkey's are so cute. I knew they'd be a big hit. Hugs, Deb

KarenInTheWoods said...

You sure are up to a lot of Monkey Business, aren't you? LOL

Karen and Steve
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Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

Does the house have a "mudroom" or a utility room or something of that nature that has a door that closes it off from the rest of the house? Maybe a cat door from the outside into just that room if he doesn't get along with the others?

Daryl said...

as long as he is spayed there shouldnt be a problem .. Jack joined us and Rose (okay so she would be happier if he left) ignored him for a while and then decided she was the boss of him. Since he's younger, he is being gracious enough to let her think she's the boss of him ... I tried the towel rub trick .. didnt work .. what usually works best is leaving the cats, all of them, alone .. all humans leave the house for an hour or so .. no one will be killed/harmed .. we did this when we brought Rose home to what had been (the late great) Gus's personal space for 9 yrs ..

trish at tangled threads said...

The monkeys are too cute. Each has its own personality!

You and Next seem to have survived the last winter OK. He does not appear any the worse for wear and he did not leave, which I think he would have if his needs for food and comfort were not being met, and seek his fortune elsewhere. It would be wonderful if you could coax him inside. But he loves affection so much, you might never get to weaving or monkeying around! He and the other cats are used to each others smells because you and L and the grandkids carry the scents in and out, but the towel idea is a good one. Especially, I think, to leave a towel with Next's scent in the house so the other cats get used to him being "inside." But it seems to me you won't be able to force it - he will be willing to come in or not. And the inside cats have had other cats come and go at times. We in Blogland will stay tuned for developments. T

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