Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lunch break.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  

A good friend served lunch on her deck.

A little Caesar salad, with warm artisan bread.  It was so good.

And who is this???
Do you remember Also/Lucy/Smokey???  She was just one of the many strays who landed at the studio.
Well, Smokey is happy and settled in her new home.  She is one lucky girl.

She goes outside, but stays close to her 'mom', and her 'house'.  And she never stays out alone.
She's happy with that.

    It is good to take time out to reconnect with the people you care about. Feel the breeze, enjoy the view.
I don't do enough of it.

 My friend has a nature walk  that winds its way over 10 acres of wildflowers.

 Dessert was a lovely, chilled, strawberry pie.

Lunch with friends, and a sunny afternoon.
Doesn't get much better.

Well, actually, click on the link might actually get better.....certainly FUNNIER.
Enjoy.  And pass it on.

Margaret and Helen


kelley said...

Thanks for sharing you lovely lunch break...that walk through the wildflowers must be a dream...

Anonymous said...

The salad and the pie look summery and delicious!

I love Margaret and Helen so guess I'll go see what those two old bags are up to.

Deb said...

I remember Also/Lucy/Smokey and what a treat to see her in her new home. She looks happy and that's really all we want for them, right. I would be happy to go for a walk through the wildflowers. That must be heaven. Nice to have lunch with friends. Nothing like it. Hugs

Hilary said...

Oh that looks yummy and what a lovely property. So nice to see kitty loving her life.

Margaret and Helen are a hoot. Not a hoo ha.. but a hoot. ;)

Frank's Corner said...

Loved Margaret and Helen! They are great role models for us 60 year olds! Candace

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a lovely place to sit and eat lunch, gorgeous woodland and wildflowers.
The salad looks perfect for Summer, and the strawberry pie well what could top that !
A sweet day spent in the company of a good friend...

Karen said...

I love the view from that deck!!! You live in a serene part of the country this time of the year. And now I think I'll go get some strawberries and make me a pie. I say ME because I'm the one who eats most of the pies here at this old house.

Daryl said...

Ah Margaret and Helen .. two of the smartest old broads out there ... (even if I dont truly believe the posts are written by 'them' ..)

bspinner said...

First thanks for the link. M and H are wonderful.

As are the pictures of your great looking lunch. Nice to get away for a bit and enjoy friends, luch and some fresh air and sun shine.

KarenInTheWoods said...

So nice to see Lucy in her "forever home" what a lucky cat!

Karen and Steve
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Because every thread counts