Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One of those days

Change of plans.....I was going to post about my grandson's baseball game, but that was before my laptop died in my arms.
So for now, we will have to go back to weaving.
Oh, darn.

From Crazy as a Loom

Placemats, placemats. Bright, cheery, almost too nice to eat on. But not quite.

Today was truly a crazy day.
I took my mother to the dentist this morning. To make a long story short, she had been going to the same dentist in her home town for 30+ years, every 6 months, like clockwork. But for the sake of convenience, she finally agreed to go to a dentist nearer to our home now. What she found out was staggering. Her mouth is a train wreck. She has a ton of decayed teeth, right down to the roots. Just like the holes in the streets that get patched with a shovel full of black top, her teeth have been patched up, and not really fixed.
I always thought it was strange that she said her dentist never hurt her. I asked her once, "well, what about the needle that they give you novacaine with? That doesn't feel very good." Oh, no, she said, that never hurt her. She also said her mouth was never numb when she left his office, the numbness was always gone by then. She did say that he 'swabbed' her mouth with something, which explains why she didn't have numbness half the day........it was a topical novacaine, the kind they give you BEFORE they drive the needle into your jaw.
Anyway, basically she needed crowns on most of her teeth, and she was never offered them. He just kept a-patchin', and a-fillin', oh, yeah, and taking her CASH. Yup. No insurance. CASH.
My mother cried all the way home from the dentist this morning.
She took great pride in her teeth, and she was always singing the praises of 'her dentist'. After today, she finally knows what the needle does feel like, really. And she knows that the numbness does not disappear before you have paid your bill. She also told me that she actually felt this new dentist drilling her teeth, she never felt that before, with the other one.
So now the question is, do you think he knows a good dentist??? Cause I would like to rearrange HIS TEETH.
I know, that is violent. Terrible.
But what he did to my 85 year old mother, and has been doing for many years, that is terrible.
And it makes me wonder, how many other "self pay" senior citizens does he rip off?????
Back to the placemats.
I am feeling crazed.

From Crazy as a Loom

I have been looking for a good buy on salt, because I need it for dyeing. I finally found it, at a local produce company. I called them, and they said sure, we have it in 25 lb bags, for $9. Wow.
I drove right over there.
When I got there, I was told that, oh, no, we don't have it HERE. We're out. But we'll order it for you. Come back Thursday.

When I finally got to the studio, I had to send some faxes. But my printer died, not in my arms, but it still died. It made a horrible noise, and refused to play anymore.
So I went to Staples, and bought a new one.
I brought it back to the studio, and proceeded to set it up.
After an hour and a half on the phone with Hewlett Packard, the pinot grigio in the fridge was looking mighty tempting.
And I was on a first name basis with Alicia from HP.
Oh, dear.

From Crazy as a Loom

Weaving is soothing, if I had time to weave.

Ah, but tomorrow is another day.


LA said...

You really did have ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!! Bless your heart...and your Mom's, too! This is one of those times that you hope Karma kicks in!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Charlie Brown! Your poor mother. Does this mean she has a ton of dental appts. in front of her?


jaimieb said...

Seriously...Go to an attorney tomorrow and file a malpractice suit, and then report him to the American Dental Association! I feel for your poor mom, and for the suffering she will be experiencing-not that a good dentist isn't fairly pain free, but to have to go through an enormous amount of dental work in a short time period is so hard!

Hilary said...

Oh your poor mother. If it wasn't for the faux numbing, I'd have to ask if you were certain that this current dentist was on the up and up about the amount of work that needs to be done, but it makes no sense that your mother didn't need true freezing if she has had extensive work "done." I'm sorry she has to go through this.

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

OH, I hate stories like this.. your poor mother. Unreal!! I wonder if something can be done, like a formal evaluation from the new dentist, given to the old dentist with a demand for re-imbursement or atleast payment for the work she will now need to be done.

Need A Latte Mom said...

I feel so sorry for you mother. It is bad enough that she is going through the physical pain of the dental work, but the emotional frustration? To be doing what your supposed to do but then find out you are paying for someone elses imcompitance (spelling?) That would make me very angry.

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's teeth:(

I do however like how you've inserted the pictures between each topic of 'stress'. It shows where your mind is at.......the wonderful therapy of weaving;)

Valerie said...

So sorry for your Mom. We have gone to the same dentist for over 30 years. Although we have insurance, he's not one of the "preferred providers in the dental hmo" so we pay more to see him. Our dentist maintains that what happened to your mother is what happens with the dental hmo's. That always made sense to me. Sad for your Mom.

Maybe she would like to sit down at the loom and swing the beater on a rug or two? such good therapy!

Sharon said...

I am so happy that Ian does all the 'puter fixing here. I don't begin to get it. Dental is a whole different thing, and I don't begin to get that either. It's the only part of my retirement package that I havw to pay for. They seem to think teeth and chiropractic are in the same voodoo camp?

When Mother's teeth were in terrible shape, she didn't eat. She nearly starved to death before we figured it out! Ugly.

Pepe444 said...

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Because every thread counts