Monday, June 28, 2010

Have mercy.

Every now and then, I have to clean.
I can't be creative, when chaos reigns.
As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes the studio gets pretty wild.
Lucky for me, my friend, Alice, had some free time.
Together we got some serious revamping done.
Alice cleared everything out of the right side of the barn, made a garage sale pile, a dump pile, and reorganized the stuff to stay.
We moved the whole blue jean processing out to the barn. It takes up so much room, it is messy, and this is perfect.

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Of course, my husband wanted to know what I would do when winter comes.
That's a reasonable question....
My plan is to get enough cut by November, to last me through the winter.
If not, I can certainly haul some into the house on occasion.
But I really like the idea of keeping it all out there. We hung a light over the old desk.....see how we raised it up to a comfortable cutting height? It is always good to have cement blocks handy!
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Alice is the queen of getting things straightened up and categorized.
And I love the fact that she is open to my crazy ideas.
I took my OLD sewing machine, and I do mean old, out to the enclosed back porch, and set up a place to sew the blue jeans.
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Again, cold in the winter, but doable into November. And it will be easy to bring some into the house if I have to.
What this has accomplished is that my 'old kitchen', the room where all the sock rugs are made, has been downsized, and has a brand new look.
The cutting table is clean and open and ready to lay purses out, to put the straps on.
The sewing machine is positioned so that I can sew big bags and hem big rugs, without moving everything to make room.
It is just a more workable arrangement.
And it makes me feel so good, just to look at it.
We also dragged my old Maytag washing machine out onto the porch.
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I love it, but it takes up room that I don't have.
So I think it may have to go.

For now, I have it on the porch.
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What do you think? Should I keep it? Sell it? I hate making that decision.

Here is the dyeing spot.......
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And here is some fabric drying......
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All in all, a busy day. I need to rest up.
We are cleaning the loft in the barn tomorrow.
Ay yi yi.


Tina J said...

Keep it up! You are doing a great job, what an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I vote to keep the washer there on the porch... It's just perfect there. What had you planned on doing with that little bit of space anyway??


Jaimie said...

I agree with Di, keep's the perfect place to set that pitcher of lemonade and a plate of cookies - a buffet table, porch style!

Linda said...

You have such a terrific helper!! I would keep the washer. It is in great condition and if you sell it you may regret it later.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

KEEP IT! I would love to have that :) I have a stove from the forties stored in our barn. It came out of our old home! If I want it on our porch I have to move something-and I like the porch the way it is. But, someday....

I love to clean :)
xo, misha

Country Girl said...

Keeping the washer is up to you. If it means something to you, then don't let it go. Otherwise if it keeps on getting in the way ~ someone else will love it as much.
Yeah, a truly busy day. You go!

Tiggeriffic said...

I like the Maytag washer.. That is the machine I started out using when I was first married almost 50 years ago.. Wish I still had that machine.. Personally I think it looks great on your back porch.. You can put things on it when you bring groceries home from the store..and your hands are full and you need to open the door. If a storm comes up you can store your rugs and things that are on the porch to keep them dry. It could be very useful as well as decorative.. I like it~!~!~!

Joyce said...

My vote is for keeping it....I love that you moved it onto the porch. And, Tigger had a great idea about putting your porch rugs into it during really rainy weather. Can't wait to see the photos from tomorrow's clean-up!

Sharon said...

Put a nice potted fern on the Maytag for the summer and defer the decision for the time being.

Hilary said...

I'm in catch up mode here.. reading all your posts but only commenting on this one. I love your photos as always.. and your stories of friends, weaving and kitties. So sorry that your husband is having health woes. Best thoughts for your both. And do keep that beauty of a washer.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhh that old Maytag is PERFECT for dyeing!

You run a hot water hose to it and fill with water... lay in your skeins of yarn or bundles of fabric, and let it soak for a day or two. Then spin out and refill again with water to rinse a few times. It's a wonderful thing and you can run the drain hose off into the lawn if you roll it over to the edge of the porch to use it.

I vote keep it!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Benita said...

Have you thought about using the old washer just for the dyed stuff - you know, to rinse and spin out for easier drying.

I love it, I'd find someway to keep it.

chris said...

Great job on the blue jean area! You probably won't have any left to cut come winter!
And as for the washing machine, it looks like a good place to put a big Boston fern ...

Bonnie said...

I say keep the old washer. It looks great on the porch. Maybe put a plant in it like a fern or another shade plant. Evan a large catcus of some kind. Just my thoughts.

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Because every thread counts