Sunday, June 20, 2010

Little black dish.

Lately I have been dreaming wild, technicolor sagas. They go on and on. It is strange to me, and I realize how poorly I have slept being on Prilosec for several years. Who knew?
But as anyone who sleeps well knows, that complete sinking into nirvana is priceless. I feel blessed when I wake up and feel that I have really and truly slept, without tossing and turning all night.
My mother, who is almost 86, has slept like this all her life. She admits that most nights, she doesn't even move, and she rarely gets up even to go to the bathroom. I think that is a secret to her longevity.
To follow up a bit on my recovery from Prilosec, I have found a couple of hard truths. I cannot eat a huge breakfast, no matter how great it looks to me. I cannot eat peppers; red, green or otherwise. I can not overeat. Period. Or discomfort ensues.
So I am going on Weight Watchers. Oh, not really on WW. But on their portion plan. Did you ever wonder why it works? WW? I have a theory. It isn't their point system, or their well photographed recipes. It is purely portion control. I have a couple of the shallow black, plastic dishes that their 'Smart Ones' come in.
Yesterday for lunch, I was going to have some of my leftover pasta dish. But I know that eating it can be addictive. So I got my little WW black dish out, and I put the pasta in it, level with the top. No overfilling allowed.
And I realized that the little black dish is probably a 'normal' portion. Putting it in a huge pasta bowl is probably not.
To quote Frank Barone, of my favorite show, "Everybody Loves Raymond".....
But that's my plan. Little black dish. Portion control. No overeating.
I read somewhere that total recovery from this Prilosec abuse can last as long as you took the drug.
It reminds me of when my cousin and his wife came to visit, from England. They laughingly said that Americans were pigs, a prime rib special at a local restaurant could feed a family of four.
And of course, they are right. We overeat. That's what we do. We are Americans. We do everything big.
Thus, the little black dish.
I think I may have to take it into restaurants with me.
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I spent a little time in the garden, with my friend, Alice. I love her dearly, and she has the same funky gardening style I do. My old friend, Gayle, would call it "garbage gardening."
Ah, the joy of being able to do what you want, no matter what anyone thinks, eh?
Said friend also said the labyrinth was the most ridiculous idea she had ever heard of.
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I just smiled.
Alice, thank God, cheered me on.
Today, being Sunday, and Father's day, I only spent the morning at the studio. Took care of a few things inside, and outside. But it was brutally hot, so I came home.
To my lovely air conditioned house.
And this. :)
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You didn't think I was going to take a day off from weaving, did you??
Be serious.
And besides, I kept thinking of this.
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And this.
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I wanted to take a swim, and read my book in the gazebo.
It is a great book.
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And my favorite potato salad.
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What a day.


Delighted Hands said...

Absolutely right-portion control! It becomes natural to you after a month so don't loose hope until then. This is a very fine weave (thread wise!) for you-very pretty!

jaimieb said...

I wish we had a pool! What a welcome site on a hot day! I also read Edgar Sawtelle, and I feel it's destined to become an american classic. It was beautiful, touching and poetic!

Sea Glass Designs said...

I'll be over for a dip in the pool in a few minutes. You're not far from Nova Scotia, right? :)

Country Girl said...

I hope you put that potato salad in your black bowl. I gave that book to my f-i-l years ago. I may have to borrow it back to read.
We got a window unit today! After coming home from Maine to this truly awful muggy heat, my husband had finally had it. I am sitting in air conditioned comfort!

weaverpat said...

Edgar Sawtelle is a wonderful book. Enjoy every second of it!
Yep! Portion control is the basis of WW. Measure the food, keep track of what you eat. That's where the points come in. It works!!!

Lili said...

Hi Hilary, So good to "meet" you! I just love the name of your blog and I'm already relating to you big time! A former Mainer always gets my attention. I'm now your newest follower. ~Lili

Karen said...

You are so right about portion control. I am a terrible violater of the overeating thing. I've been trying to cut back and it ain't easy.

I like the little black dish theory, think I'm gonna buy a Smart Ones meal so that I can have that dish to measure my portions! Good idea!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh that yellow and blue towel really speaks to me! LOVE those colors~!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


I can tell you that my doctor told us to share a plate whenever we went out to eat or to ask for a takeout containe with the arrival of the food, take half and stick it in the container and eat the other half. Yes it sucks especially when your use to eating big, but it works.

BTW the pool, gazebo and weaving look fantastic!

Doris said...

Glad you're off the prilo - It sucks! Smaller portions is the answer. I try but am not always successful but am down 10#'s doing that - hope that encourages you. (Moments in Time)

WeaveThings said...

Oh, the pool!!!

I have to say that portion control is key! I am a member of WW Online for Men. I find for me that I'll do better with the 'support' of being a member than I would if I did it on my own. I don't eat their products though - too many chemicals in them. I calculate my own recipes and go from there.

I love reading your blog :) Donald

bspinner said...

You're so right about portions. We now fill our plates at the stove instead of putting full dishes of food on the table. We each dish out what we want and rarely go back for more. I hate going out to eat and am served on a "meat platter". You are right Americans do everything big and now we are the ones that are "big".

Your waffle weave is so pretty. French kitchen colors.

Pool's so inviting I don't know how you could stay away.

Benita said...

People tease me a bit when I take my own "take-out" box to restaurants, but I am losing weight and they aren't. I shovel anywhere from half to 2/3 of the food into my container, seal it and eat what's left. The remaining left overs get me 1-2 more meals, I'm saving money, get to enjoy the meal more than the others AND I'm not miserably full when I go home. Go for it, and let the others tease you. You are the smart one, my friend.

Waffle weave! Nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous towels!

This book is the best - read it - follow the guidelines at the end - you will feel great. All about understanding your digestive system - not a "diet", a lifestyle.

Sharon said...

I came back from vacation realizing that I seriously need to pay some serious attention to WW principles. I hate to diet, but I can't ignore the fun I'm wearing. I've never taken Prilosec but have a grouchy tummy in the morning anyway. BTW, I sleep like your mother. I think it's because we're both virtuous women. :)

I love your towels - what's the pattern?

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