Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hear me sigh.

I change like the weather.
One day I am happily weaving blue jean rugs.
Then the dish towel bug bites me.
Today, marked the beginning of more tote bags.
Crazy, wild, colorful.
That's what I'm into this week.

From Untitled Album

Big enough for an overnight bag, and big enough for a bunch of groceries.

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I love collecting lots of colors, and weaving them willy nilly, never really knowing what to expect in the end.

From Untitled Album

I think this one turned out nicely, don't you?
It's a great way to play with color, and also a great way to use up fabric left over from other projects.

Things are Q-U_I_E_T here.......after a pretty stressful couple of weeks.
DH is recovering.
I am back at the studio doing my thing.
Dyeing fabric in the back yard.
Organizing my stash.
Funny how it took something like this to increase my appreciation of my boring life.
Let's hear it for B_O_R_I_N_G.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary.. Just wanted to stop by and say hello and see how your husband is doing tonite. :-))


Theresa said...

Hoping for a long boring summer for you, weaving, blogging and enjoying with your DH. The tote is wonderful! Glad to hear hubby is on the mend.

Karen said...

Yes!! Boring is GOOD! Glad to hear he's on the mend.

Gail said...

The freedom of choice is such a wonderful thing.

Mrs. M - The Book Lady said...

Planning on making my first woven placemats and have been scouring your blog to see if you fold the fabric strips in half before you weave.
I know you've been so busy (but awfully glad to hear about your husband's recovery), but if you could briefly answer, I'd really appreciate it!



Lili said...

So glad you are able to welcome some normalcy back into your life. That tote is made from scraps? Wow, very cool! ~Lili

Sharon said...

I cannot tell you just how much I enjoy looking at the things you make. I know I'm never going to ever get close to your expertise, but you always show me what the potential is. Thanks for another lovely post. Good things - DH is mending and you get to be boring (hah!)

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Because every thread counts