Sunday, June 14, 2009


This weekend is the 38th annual Larac Festival, a juried art show, in Glens Falls, NY.
I have a booth there, and I am also demonstrating. A young man with a camera showed up, and starting snapping pics. He identified himself as T.J.Hooker, from the Post Star.
He sounds like he should have his own sitcom, doesn't he?
He said his camera cost more than his car.
These pictures were on the local paper's web site, which I was perusing at 3am.

Now, why? do you ask, was I up at 3am, on the computer. Well, the answer is somewhat embarrassing, but here goes.
I had a bad dream.
Not just a bad dream, but a dream that felt so real, I had to shake myself awake, and then was afraid to go back to sleep in case I might pick it up where I left off.
I would say it was a combination of being over tired and too much stuff whipping around inside my brain.
At any rate, I got up and came downstairs, then went back to bed, then got up again. I finally just made a pot of tea, and said to heck with it. I will be tired today, I don't know what else to do about it.
But here's the funny part. I guess.
When I came down stairs the first time, I opened the window in the living room a bit, towards the street. As I am lying on the couch, trying to relax, I hear this car come down the street, slow. Then I hear clunk, and something hit the house. I hear voices. I get up, look out the window, there is this black car, and someone is getting out of it, walking down the street, the car following, then I hear another clunk, and another.
I thought, omg, these thugs are driving down the street throwing things at houses. What are they thinking?
So I call the police, and tell them what is going on. They say they will send someone to check it out.
Then I am really awake, and suddenly I knew. I went out on the front porch...........bent down..............and picked up the Sunday paper.
I am such a dope.
This is what happens, when you worry too much about things you can do nothing about, you get overtired, and overdrawn, you have a bad dream that seems too real for comfort, and you open the window.
Just warning you.
One more day of Larac, and then I am going to disappear into the secret garden. I need a break.


Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Hi!!! I wish I would have known!!! I would have popped out and said hello:)

If you are in the Walden NY area today, there is a Hoe-Down for Hospice at My Saddle Brook Farm, and I have a table if you'd like to pop out;) There is more info on my blog;)

Have a great day!!!

Hilary said...

I knew what the outcome of that suspicious behaviour would be - but only because I've spent a night fretting about these slow-driving, frequently-stopping cars too. Our imaginations are so much more vivid at night. Luckily for us, it often translates to more creativity by day. :)

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, boy, did I have a good laugh; it caused a coughing jag but it was worth it! Thanks for sharing! Hope today goes well for you!

Mare said...

It's amazing what worry, stress and no sleep can do to the imagination! hahaha Have a better day... :)

bspinner said...

The mind sure does play funny tricks on you when you're tired.
Hope your day has gone well and you have a good nights sleep.

Need A Latte Mom said...

That is too funny.
Still loving your work!

donna said...

I had a night with little sleep a couple of nights ago. Realized I had made a serious mistake with some legal proceedings for my parents & couldn't do anything about it until 10 a.m. the next day. No sleep for me!! I am just starting to weave. I took a class where we did a sampler of patterns on a baby wolf at St. Mary of the Woods. I am in love....if only I could get one. Am really enjoying your blog.

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Because every thread counts