Monday, June 1, 2009

Awards and Rewards

I was recently presented with this award, by the Washington County Advisory Board on Historic Preservation. It was actually given to me and my husband, for the work we did on the house in Kingsbury, that is my studio.

My husband couldn't attend, so my mother went with me. She loves stuff like that.

The plaque is positioned right by the back door, where most people come in. That was my husband's idea. And it was a good one. I can count on him for things like that.

I have been dreaming of a fountain in my secret garden, and the other day, when I went to Kmart looking for a comfy bicycle seat, I noticed this one right outside the garden center. And they were 30% off! I am going to plant some stuff around it, but I have to make sure I plant things that woodchucks don't like, since they are barred from the barn, they might have an axe to grind.

I convinced my husband to go to the studio after dinner tonight, to help me put the fountain together, and he said he would, if I bought him ice cream at his favorite place.

So we went to Cooper's Cave. They started making beer, and then the bike trail went right by their business. So they decided to try selling ice cream, too.

They have more flavors of both hard and soft ice cream than I have ever seen anywhere.

Lots of people ride their bikes here, but we just drove over.

There he is, my husband, in the brown jacket, perusing all the flavors. It is delicious ice cream, and they make it right here.

They have also opened a restaurant on the other side of the building.

Yum. Carrot cake. That's the flavor he got, in a homemade waffle cone.
Today I am struggling with "letting go".
Do you ever have those days, when you know that you need to let go of stuff that doesn't belong to you, but it whirls around in your brain, and makes you crazy.
One of these days, I will get it.
I hope soon.


bspinner said...

Congrats on your award!!!!!
The way to a man heart is still through their stomach. Feed them and they'll do anything for you.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful award! Congratulations to the two of you...

And as for letting go, well the more you do it the easier it becomes.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Terrie said...

Hi Hilary, Congrats on the award. Glad to hear your weaving weekends are doing great. Keep up the good work. Hope all is well.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts