Thursday, June 25, 2009

My days.

Typical day. no design whatever, I am awake. I know that laying in bed will not lead to more sleep.
I get up and shower and dress.
I envy these people who can sleep all hours. Maybe too many years working as a nurse,having to BE at work at 7am, maybe THAT skewed my internal clock forever.
My husband says that he has never known anyone like this. My eyes open, my feet hit the floor. Period.
I make a pot of tea. We are English, my mother and I. We share a love of a hot cuppa tea. I start my day with at least TWO. Made in a pot, with a tea cozy, the "proper way", so Mum says.
Then usually, I am off to the studio. Sometimes I have errands to run, medical appointments to take my mother to. If I have to purchase something, the Hannaford is close by, and the Super K Mart is on my way. I am also a frequent customer at the Agway. I buy all kinds of plants and hardware stuff there.
Once again, my brain is a tad twisted. I love to shope in stores like this. Lowe's, Home Depot, Agway, True Value Hardware.
Not sure what that says about me, and way too old to really care.
At the studio, I am surrounded by cats as soon as I get walk in.....well, maybe not surrounded, but definitely greeted. I don't necessarily feed them right away, since they have food all the time, so I guess it is pretty safe to say that they come to see me for me, and not for tuna.
But there is that, water, litter boxes......all have to be taken care of.
Check email, check phone messages.
And decide......what will I do today.
This is the amazing part. After years in the work force, working in a paper mill, then to nursing school, and 3o years of hospitals, and prisons, working for "the man" so to speak, I get to make the decision of what I want to do today.
Most times it is a no brainer, because I have orders to work on. But every now and again, they slow down, and get to wander creatively off the path that supposedly leads to fortune.
This week, I am playing on my 8 harness Baby Wolf. I have some cottolin (half cotton, half linen) dark blue, light blue and white. I am going to make some pinwheel dish towels. Should be interesting......I have wanted to make them for the longest time. I am excited.
On my Macomber, I am going to start some waffle weave towels in a mixture of cotton and hemp that I ordered from New World Textiles.
These are projects for me.....totally selfish. And even though I know that the orders will start up again when I finish this latest one I is OK, because in between I fit in time to weave these frivolous things. Both these looms are upstairs, one in the hallway, and one in my favorite bedroom that looks out onto the labyrinth. So it is restful working up there.
So my day at the studio can vary from weaving on an order, weaving rugs for the shop and my website, cutting fabric, sewing fabric or blue jeans, putting a warp on a loom for a project (this is a time consuming process).
And sometimes I switch it up, and clean, maybe do some organizing.....though I am quick to admit that Tammy is WAY better at this than I am. Or I go outside and mow, or plant, or weed, or just generally work on the "not so secret garden". I am getting a sign that say that by the way.
And I am trying to think up some kind of "gathering" or "event", kind of in a party atmosphere, that I can have using the labyrinth space. Any suggestions??
Sometimes we scrounge lunch from the minimal shopping that I have done for the studio, occasionally we buy the best subs around at the Kingsbury General Store, which we can see out the window. And even less often, we take a spin 3 or so miles down the road, and eat Mexican, and get serenaded by a very nice, if loud, singing, guitar playing, non English speaking, cowboy hat wearing Senor.(senior, too) Although the last time we were in there, and he said in his broken English "can I play you a song?", I my own horror.....said "not today, thanks" action that my friend Sheila applauded. We were busy talking seriously, trying to cram a conversation into her lunch break. Since she does not work for herself, she can't be free as the wind, like I can. If I had that in me.
Usually, when 4-4:30pm rolls around, I am appalled. I can't stand it. I can't believe the day has gone by this fast, and it is time to go home.
I push it to the limit, and then pack it in.
The evening is time to rest up, have at least ONE Everybody Loves Raymond,
but my husband usually has the REMOTE pretty tied up, waiting with anticipation for the Red Sox game to come on MLB.
This time of year finds me in the pool, or reading a book in the gazebo.
I try not to complain about summer, or the heat........when I hear myself start to do that, I try to remember what January and February are like in the Adirondacks.
And hot suddenly sounds not so bad.


bspinner said...

Ya, the good life. Doing pretty much - when you want - if you want. After working so hard for so many years you deserve it.

Delighted Hands said...

Sounds like a good life. Savor it.

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous pool you have. :-)

The Blue Ridge Gal

Country Girl said...

I enjoyed reading about your days. Am glad you finally get to do what you want after working all those years!
Your pool and gazebo look wonderful!

Robin said...

oh your day sounds wonderful! I can't wait to have days like day!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts