Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weaving a life.

Can you tell I love this house???
I never get tired of taking pictures of it. Here you can see the '1790' over the door that my husband put up for me. The bluestone steps that you see in front of both doors were in a big pile of dirt when I first bought the house. I had them put back where they belong.
Something about this time of my life makes me very sensitive to perspectives. I think about them quite a lot. Just looking up at the peak of the house says it all. You think you know all about something, and then for some reason, you get to look at it from a different direction, and you realize that maybe you don't know all that much.
When the house was built, the busy highway was just a dirt road, and there were only a handful of other buildings nearby.
A new screen door is on my list of things to do.
My mother said that this kind of an opening in the fence, shielded by another piece of fence, is called a baffle. But when I looked it up, that is not the description of a baffle gate at all. So if any of you know what it is called, please tell me.
Someone suggested that we paint the barn red. I hope I didn't visibly shudder. I love these old barn boards. I would never paint them.
As you can see, I have lots of work to do outside. If only I could clone myself, one of me to weave, and one of me to do all the rest of the things I need to do.
Today when I was sewing and cutting blue jeans for an order, I was thinking about what I would write on my blog today.
This isn't it.
I was going to be brave, and tackle the subject of being a better person. I was going to talk about having things in your past that you wish you could undo, or at least do better. We all have something, don't we? Some part of our life that we look back on and silently grit our teeth. It might be years, or maybe months, or weeks, or maybe just an isolated instance of behavior that you wish you could take back. Something you said, something you wish you had said. Something done, or left undone. Maybe just poor judgment, being oblivious, being hardheaded, foolhardy. Whatever the case. Something. And as we get older, and life goes on, we have no reason to think about it. Except that every now and then, we are reminded of our limitations, and our failings. We are brought right back there to face ourselves once again. And it is a humbling, humbling experience.
That is what I was going to talk about.


Mare said...

I love your house too. And the grounds around it look fine to me! Your topic for the day is something i think about too. But i try not to get upset or feel too bad about. I try to remember that it is why we are here, to keep on trying to do things better, and hopefully we get it right before we die...or i believe we have to come back and do it all over again. That thought alone should make us want to try harder! hahaha

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Beautiful house! Funny....I was in the yard yesterday (wasn't it great out?) thinking that if only I had two of could rake, the other could do the wheelbarrel......;)

Hilary said...

Yes, we all do indeed have those things in our past. If we're lucky that's where they stay. The only thing worse than having regrets, is not learning from them.

Your house is amazing. I would never paint the barn red either.

Anonymous said...

You're sooo right in not painting the barn... I love old wood with the paint worn so thin you can barely make out the color... just a hint of color.

AND, even after reading your post... I'm still not sorry for what I did to Ruthie... she was rotten to the core... LOL

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Because every thread counts