Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dreaming on Sunday

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I just bought myself a new dresser, and a night stand, at my favorite furniture store. Tops, in Hudson Falls, NY.......I just LOVE that place. It is a huge place, two floors, and everything on the left is new, and everything on the right is second hand, both levels.
I have bought many different pieces there over the last 4 years, for the studio. I always get a great deal, and the people that run the place are friendly and helpful.
But today, I needed a dresser for myself, and decided it was time to do it. I should have taken a picture of it, but didn't, so you will have to wait til Wednesday when they deliver it. But it is a lovely honey color, and it is higher than most dressers, but not as high as some. It is an in between height, with a great mirror. And the top, middle drawer has glass in the front, and the front of the drawer flips down, so if you want to, you can put your DVR in there, and it is big enough to put my small, flat screen TV on top.
So I should be upstairs, cleaning the room, and getting ready for this, but I'm not. I watched my grandkids last night, and didn't get home til 1am, and then I have been busy much of the day.
I sold a loom yesterday, which may sound strange, since I am such a dedicated collector of looms, but lately I have been really zoning in on the looms I love, and getting annoyed with the ones I don't. This loom was an OK loom for me, but I so love the 4 Unions, and the Reed Ideal that I do most of my production work on, that I really never got to this one. A former student of mine, who just learned to weave in January, wanted a loom JUST this size. It seemed a perfect match.
But she didn't have a way to get it home, so I volunteered my husband. Wasn't that nice of me?????
So even though I got to bed late, we were up early, and went to the studio, and loaded up the loom. Of course, it is never that easy. It wouldn't come out the front door in one piece, so we had to take the castle off.

It was a lovely morning for a drive, if a bit cloudy. Here is a shot of the Hudson River, as we crossed it. Thurman is a small town is the Adirondacks. There is a train there, called the Upper Hudson River Railroad. This is purely a site seeing train, that eventually will go from Hadley to North Creek. At some point, it was decided to build a train station in the little hamlet of Thurman. This is a sore point with my husband, who feels very strongly that his job as a Warren County supervisor is to protect the taxpayers that he works for.
Here is a picture of the tracks leading up to the new "train station". The question here is about money; how much money, and how it was spent. Now you have to prepare yourself for this, try to imagine what you could build with $1,300,000 + or - a few dollars.
And this is what they built.
Now there is no denying that there are some HUGE questions here that need to be answered. Who got all that money? Who approved that kind of money? Why did it cost this much? Or, did someone pocket the difference? Not very nice questions. But the public deserves some answers, some explanation. My opinion. What will it take for someone to initiate an investigation? And why is everyone afraid to talk about it?
Anyway, on a nicer note, we traveled over hill and dale, and finally arrived at Caroline's house. She lives in the WOODS. For sure. These rocks are in her back yard.
She has no neighbors, and it is absolutely QUIET. She did complain that the frogs were quite noisy this morning. :)
I had to take pics of her house inside, it was just awesome. The light alone was breathtaking.

She is putting her loom in a sunny spot, perfect for weaving.
I have always thought I would love to live in a log cabin, and seeing this one made me start dreaming of one. Honey, can we build a log cabin? Please????? Can we start next weekend???
We walked around outside for a bit....she gave me a dozen FRESH right out of the chicken eggs to take home.
Ahh......rhubarb is up. I make the BEST rhubarb pie you ever ate.........I can't wait.

Here is her shed and chicken coop......I love weathered wood, and buildings that look like they have been around for a while.
And a lovely arbor that goes to her vegetable garden. She said this vine is an Arctic kiwi.......something that I have never heard of.
So mission accomplished, loom delivered, another weaver starting on her own loomy quest.
Tomorrow starts another week, and I have lots to do.....a loom to warp, fabric to dye, rugs to weave.
But for right now, we just got back from walking Eddie along the river, and dinner is cooking, and there is a mourning dove that I can hear through the open window.
And it is Sunday. A time to rest.


AJ said...

My goodness, that home is beautiful. I've always wanted a place out like that...I'm so jealous!! Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

Life Looms Large said...

Out with the old in with the just brought home one loom and then found a fabulous home for another! I love the inside of that cabin!!!

1.3 million...for that? Did they also install railroad tracks? Odd!

Just picturing time at a cabin, with a loom......fabulous!!!


Sharon said...

Okay, it was hard to stop Neil Young and post, but I need to go to bed since I'm not collecting "that" check yet. It is always such a surprise to me, the range of climates that our little ol' US of A has within it. I have always live on the West Coast, from Fairbanks, to San Diego to NW Nevada. You guys out East have the best crack at looms~

Hilary said...

We do have looms in the northeast, for sure. And I have become way too good at finding them, or they at finding me. Not sure which.
And I agree.....I just like to listen to Neil Young, that is one of my all time favorite tunes.

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Because every thread counts