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Monday, October 29, 2018

Rain, rain

Yes, it’s been raining for three days.  

I finished this wool warp, and the last cloak from it.

Then Lois and I put another warp on the AVL.

And other than a 3 mile walk yesterday between rain showers, I spent all day threading and sleying.

I don’t mind it, but it’s time consuming. Someone asked me how long to make a cloak......the answer is hours. If I get three cloaks off this warp, I have to add a third of the time it took to set up the loom to each one.

The only way to decrease that amount of time for each one is to put mega yards on the loom.

The downside of that is that you are stuck with the same color, and the same threading, unless you are crazy enough to rethread, which would defeat the purpose.

October has been disappointing. Wet.  Cold.  Rainy. It’s always been my favorite month, and while I usually love the rain....... not in my fave month please.

Today, raining again, I will be weaving.  If there’s a break, we will walk.

There was a short piece at the end of my last warp, so I made this,

Kind of tempted to keep it.

Had this recipe for awhile, finally got around to making it.

Carrot, quinoa bread.

Interesting, healthy, BORING.

Probably won’t make it again, although DH loves it, he can eat it all.

Two and a half weeks to the Hudson Mohawk Weavers Guild Show, L and I are working to finish a few more items.  Then there’s marking, tagging, inventory. 

By Thanksgiving, it will be history, and we can start over for next year’s shows.

I keep thinking we are getting too old for this, but then what else would we do?


hart said...

I love the little piece you made from the end of the run, I'd keep it. Half a world away we've also had disappointing fall color.

claudia said...

I think almost the same as you in regards to "but then what else would we do?" I am always asking myself why I go through the tasks I go through to crochet, weave, answer..."What else would I do?" Besides, I love it!
I would love to make a cloak like yours. It would serve me well here in the PNW.
Thank you for all your inspiration!

Mary said...

Yes. Keep going. It is better to wear out than rust out.

Peg Cherre said...

So the bread looks so great, why was it boring? What would make it less so? More spices (think cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom)? Crystalized ginger? Black pepper? Apples?

I'm with you. My least favorite question at a show is, "How long did it take you to make that?" My snarky self wants to reply something like this..."What do you do for a living? How long did it take you to be good at it? To be creative? To try new things?" Of course, I don't say any of that. I say something like, "hours and hours." Or "I don't keep track of all the time (sometimes adding) because then I'd have to charge too much." Or, "well it all starts with planning, then moves to measuring, dyeing, beaming, threading two parts of the loom, weaving - more than 1,200 throws of the shuttle for an average scarf - and finishing."

Karen said...

We've had the same rain, but I would say October has been a decent month weatherwise overall. And the colors are started to brighten, I was concerned it was going to be a yellow brown fall.

Maryse said...

I love your wrap but cannot find a pattern for it any where could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you so much.
I love your work and your weaving designs. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love both pieces you made. They are beautiful. I probably would think the same about the bread. Have a good evening.

Daryl said...

i always tel people who want to visit New York that October is the best month .. however with climate change its hard to predict how its going to be from one day to the next

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Because every thread counts