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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dreary November

This was one sunny couple of hours....for the most part, it has rained all week.   I have always
loved the of my weird characteristics.
Unfortunately, my redesigned skull and neck do NOT like the change in pressure that goes with it, and I have had an unrelenting headache all week.
It makes me want to hunker down, stay home, close my eyes, and give up.

Luckily, I guess, that's not really in my nature.
So I continue on, with longer than usual breaks here and there.
A couple of nights, I have gone to bed by 9pm, just to get away from the headache.  I thank God that it works.

My new use of scraps.....hood with scarf, lined with soft fleece.  I will definitely make more of these, including one for myself.

Lois and I slapped this 22 yard warp on in 55 minutes.   That may be a record.  100% lace weight
Jaggerspun wool.

Collaboration is a wonderful thing.  I wound this warp, dyed it......Lois put it on the loom, and wove it.
I washed and pressed and sewed it into this lovely cloak.

We rock, I'm tellin' ya.

I also packed it up when it sold immediately.  Gotta love it.

The rain and lousy weather does not keep the birds away.....they are a constant presence at
the window of the sewing room.
Lately, because too much weaving just aggravates my already unhappy neck, I have found solace in sewing and designing and planning.

This gave me joy just looking at it......the colors move me.  100% wool..........

I am being asked if I can put sleeves on it.  I really don't want to.  You're supposed to wear it with a heavy sweater, peeps.  C'mon.

Sometimes a little Pandora, and a little weaving makes me feel better.
Everything in short bursts.

Then there's always soup.   I'll be making it all winter now.......I might have to come up with some new recipes.....I seem to stick to the same ones.......french onion being at the top of my list.

I am hoping, yes, praying, for some relief from this headache.   I don't think I can do this all winter.  I want my head to settle down.  I can get through winter in my studio....there is so much to do.  It is a space that I love and I never tire of it.
  But I can't deal with this constant pain.  Maybe my head just has to adjust to the season.   I hope so.
Before this week, I had a long stretch ......maybe two months, of not a bad headache at much so that I really didn't think about it.  I don't want to think about it.

Much to do this weekend.......
Getting ready for the big show of the year, the Hudson Mohawk Weaver's Guild Show.....Nov 15-18 at the Pruyn House in Colonie, NY.  We work all year to have lots of stock for it.  When it's done, we can kick back a bit, and rethink what we want to do in the next few wintry months.....maybe some new stuff entirely.
I have about 144 towels, and over 40 pieces of clothing, plus some rugs and napkins and miscellaneous stuff.  It also looks like the weather won't be bad, loading all this stuff up, and getting it to the show which is about an hour away.
I'm curious about what you all think about this time change thing.   I am not doing well with it so far.  Of course, it could be my headache that's making it more difficult, but I'm awake at 5am, and I'm DONE at 9pm.  And truthfully, by 8pm I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open.  WTH.
My kids would say that it's because I never stop all day long, and that's probably the truth, but before this time change I seemed more normal.  Ha!  At least to me.
Let's hope that November surprises us with some brilliant sunshine.  That would make me very happy.


Peg Cherre said...

Which looks more yummy - the French onion soup or that cloak of many colors? Hard to say. And then there are the colors in that new Jaggerspun warp. So rich!

Our little Guild show here in Rochester was very good to me - I sold more than anticipated - so now I'm weaving like mad to have stock for my show the first weekend in December. The cycle never ends.

Sending wishes for that damnable headache to GO AWAY!

re'New said...

I dislike the time change. I struggle with the dark anyway, and with the fall back thing, it's dark even earlier. I am lucky to make it to 8PM before I have to crawl in bed. Unfortunately, without any alarm because of somewhere to be, I can still be there at 8 am in the morning. Sometimes I tell myself I'm still recovering and must need the rest?

Joanne Noragon said...

The warp on that loom makes my heart go pity-pat. And, don't add sleeves. It was not designed or cut for sleeves. Customers just don't get it. I used to say, get a loom and try it yourself.
I missed why your head and neck are in bad shape. I hope you improve.

DJan said...

The time change has done something similar to me. I cannot make my body realize it's changed, so I deal with it. I simply LOVE that beautiful cloak, and I so want some French onion soup right now, after looking at that picture. I sure wish, really wish hard, that the headache would stop. And if the rain is causing it, then I wish you much sunshine. :-)

deodar said...

I do not like the time change, truthfully, my behind is still dragging and I'm usually able to stay busy all day. Lately I watch the clock waiting for it to be late enough to go to bed! I refuse to believe it's because I hit 65 last spring. Out of curiosity, do you have patterns for putting your cloaks together or is it your own creation?

Karen said...

ooh, that french onion soup looks divine! The first photo, with the leaves and dear Naya, is beautiful. Hoping you get relief soon from the monster headache.

Peg Cherre said...

In addition to not wanting to, if you put sleeves on the cloak it can't be worn either long or short - it's flexibility will be cut in half.

Daryl said...

i dont usually have much trouble with the time change but this season the cats seem to be having issues they begin their singing for their breakfast at 3AM ... i am NOT getting up til 5 ... but trying to sleep through the singing and then climbing on the bed doesnt help a morning bladder .. yeah if i close the door to the bedroom they sing louder ...

anyway ....

have you gotten to try medical marijuana yet?

MarthaVA said...

Hate the time change - wish it would stay one or the other.
Love your cloaks. I've tried to make one similar but can't seem to get the pattern right. I saw your newest post on the pattern, but still not sure how to do it. LOL I'm such a visual person.

My favorite soup is a really good creamy potato soup. Yum.

I hope your head stops being so bad. I always feel so badly for you that you have to deal with this issue. It stinks.

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Because every thread counts