Crazy as a Loom

Sunday, October 21, 2018

October days

Sometimes I think I am a little too O. K. with my hermit like ways.

But a cuppa tea, Earl Grey this time, and my loom, make me happy.

Being happy is what it’s all about, right.?

One of my favorite drafts up on the screen.

Out in the coop, my 18 girls are working hard.

Well, most of them are.....there are 

A few who are probably out of the game, but they’ve earned retirement.

I got two oak tables from my cousin’s yard sale.  This one is a perfect fit for my warping mill, but needed to be higher for comfort.  A set of risers did the trick.

Downstairs, the other table became a new retail space.

And everyone that worried about me replacing my custom made dining room table, is breathing a sigh of relief.

So far, I have seven cloaks done, hoping to get three more finished before the

Hudson Mohawk Weavers’ Guild Show November 15-20th. It may or may not happen.

There are glitches.  Of course.

Pellet stove won’t light.  Technician coming in a couple of days.

New Octado loom is not working.  A new circuit board is on order, and coming from Holland......well, let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

Headache has ramped up last few days...hoping it’s the abundant ragweed that has not yet seen a killing frost.

Dark clouds have a way of threatening.

But look closer......and see the rainbow between the barn and the house.

It’s there.

It’s the things we look forward to that keep us going.  Friends, family, the calling to do work that moves us.  Reasons to love life clouds and all.

Maybe it is a simple life I have, and maybe I am a bit of a hermit.  But every day is mine to make 

successful in my own eyes.

And that’s really what’s it about, isn’t it?

Some of my peeps..... happiness is.......


Karen said...

I wouldn't call you a hermit at all - I think you've built a beautiful life, one that is rewarding, peaceful, shared with those you love - and a craft you do beautifully and share with others. Plus, you rescue dogs/cats... are ya kidding? Hermit, I just don't think so.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

DJan said...

You accomplish an enormous amount by any standards, and I so enjoy your peaceful posts. You can call yourself anything you want, but I too wonder if hermit is a bit overstated. I laughed at your set of risers for that table. :-)

Shammickite said...

I'm becoming a bit of a hermit myself too, so there's nothing wrong with that!
Love the new tables, always good to get a bargain at a yard sale even if you have to adapt to your needs with custom risers.

Daryl said...

hermit? nah. just someone who likes her cozy home

re'New said...

That sounds exactly like the type of life I'm trying to get to. Home with looms, sewing, and somewhere to piddle with artistic endeavors. My dog, cats, horses. Maybe chickens and garden. And no need to punch a clock or answer to anyone but myself and my conscience...

Susan said...

I'm at my happiest being in my weaving space and could be quite happy in there for days! I'm a hermit too and see nothing wrong with it. Even hubby is away for the week..... *priceless!*

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

I just love reading your Posts....they are so heart warming, so calming, and so inviting to read.

I love how you are able to making something out of a Loom. This is so awesome. I would be hibernating too if I were you sitting there weaving on a loom, having my tea, looking out the window at the pretty fall colors.

I love your Photos. They are so pretty...Your chicks have been is alot of Eggs to Hatch. I wonder if they have Labor Pains when they deliver those Eggs...LOL....

You are allowed to be a weaving loom Hermit....LOL...everyone has a right to be a Hermit if they want to. I am like that during the Winter Time. I hibernate in my Craft Cave and I make things.

Have A Lovely Day...

Linda K, Buttercup

cocoya said...

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Because every thread counts