Crazy as a Loom

Monday, October 1, 2018


So when Dave from Louet was here Saturday putting my loom together,

he referred to it as an OctaDO..........and not an OcTAdo, which is what I’ve been saying.

I figured since it was a MeGAdo, then it was an OcTAdo.....but I was wrong.

The Dutch make them, and they say MeGAdo........and OctaDO.

Lesson over.

I have never warped this way, but since I did not buy the sectional beam, and there IS a raddle on top of the loom, I figured I’d better try it.

I was interrupted this afternoon by our electrician, who came to rewire  our well pump.......and it turned into water spraying all over the basement, a useless search for an available plumber, and a save by my neighbor, thank God.  So we have water, nothing was rewired, and dirt was tracked through the house from the cellar.

And eventually, I did finish threading and slaying the OctaDO.

It’s ready, so first thing tomorrow I will be firing it up.

And yes, I got the electronic interface.

My decision was based on the number of repeats, a mechanical Dobby does have its limits.

I actually got quite a bit done this morning, before I went into the studio.

I used up some leftover broccoli, added some scallions, some feta cheese, sprayed each cup, and filled them.

Last night’s dinner, I cooked too much, as usual.

13 eggs later ........

Just beat them up, add them slowly to each cup.

Baked at 375 for 25 minutes.


After a busy day, which included a three mile walk between rain showers, we have crashed on the couch.

Life is good.


Barbara said...

I love fixing meals in muffin tins. It seems like just the right size - one or two - for a meal. I had forgotten that I used to do that and freeze the remainder. I need to pick that habit up again.

Shammickite said...

Little eggy muffins, what a great recipe!

DJan said...

Yum to the egg muffins. I want one! And I am in love with little Naya. And you, too, Hilary. Glad you have a new toy. :-)

farmer's wife weaving said...

The Dutch language lesson made me smile and think of the song DO REI ME. Lovely loom no matter how you pronounce its name.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

We had our garbage disposal and water softener die in August, and so an unplanned $2000 expense. I would have really liked to do something else with that money, but alas....home ownership. Enjoy your muffins!

Karen said...

You're amazing!

Jayden Posh said...

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thotlady said...

Beautiful photo of the pup.

cocoya said...

Do you have any video of that? I'd like to find out more details.

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Because every thread counts