Saturday, November 29, 2014

C'mon December.

One thing about the Life Estate thing I talked about in my last post,   my lawyer told me that if I have all the receipts for all the work I've had done on the house for all the time I've owned it, my kids will be able to use that to cut down on how much capital gain they will have to pay, if they should want to sell it someday.
 And over the last 10 years, I have put some major money into the studio.

A while back, I ordered some white mohair from one of my yarn suppliers.
I thought I ordered FIVE pounds.
Imagine my surprise when a very large box came, and I realized that it was FIFTY pounds of mohair.
I assumed right away that he had made a mistake, so I went and fetched my email to him.
Nope, not his mistake.
It was ME.

I did order FIFTY pounds of mohair.
So you know what they say about making lemonade when you get lemons???

Yup, lots of mohair throws coming.

I ordered some dye, because I think that the cream color is going to grow old.
 That will be a project coming up!!!

Anyway, the throw is 40" x 110", so if you fold it over, it is a perfect cover up for laying on the couch, and it is so warm.
I was amazed at how it "fulled" after it was washed, and how incredibly SOFT it is.
I think it will make a great Christmas gift.

I have been weaving them in front of the fireplace.
I have company most of the time.


She is sound asleep.  I guess the fire will do that for you.

Karen at  got me hooked on the Watercolor app on my iPhone.

So sometimes, when I am of the mind, I play with it.

A couple of fresh eggs.

Weaving by the fire.

A cuppa hot soup.

I have decided not to hate winter this year.  I know.  I know.  It's going to be a struggle.....but I am determined.
It's all about state of mind, isn't it??
I have a new down jacket that DH bought me, new gloves, and I am working on my new attitude.


Dizzy-Dick said...

The cat looks real comfortable.

messymimi said...

That throw looks delightful!

Cats can get comfortable in so many places, i imagine it's not hard to do in front of a warm fire.

Kate said...

Mohair is yummy, Ill watch your store. Although 50 lbs is a lot! Happy cat...any strays around this year? How are the chickens faring in the weather changes? Hope the head is behaving... Stay warm!

Karen said...

I'm doing the very same thing, Hilary.. thanking each and every day for it's presence in my life. Winter included.

Abby said...

Love Sydney and love the mohair throw. I'm anxious to get a floor loom but, only have a 25" RH loom at this point. I tried weaving a mohair (warp and weft) scarf as a Christmas gift and couldn't even beat the weft with the heddle. It all stuck together and fuzzed up to the point, it looked like an animal was forming in there. I finally had to cut it off the loom. How did you weave a whole throw in mohair? Very curious. :)

Beautiful work - beautiful studio - thank you for sharing,

Country Girl said...

That app is really cool. And those throws are lovely!

Daryl said...

oh those throws are gorgeous and i bet a mohair tyedye would look awesome

Dorene said...

Love the throws! Just beautiful. What is the name of the watercolor app? I love it.

Sharon said...

What a great mistake! The throws are lovely, and I too have a watercolor app called Watermark. It's addictive :)

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Because every thread counts