Monday, November 17, 2014


This old house that is my studio has undergone a lot of changes since I made the purchase almost 10 years ago.  
One project that was on my list was replacing the old front door in the oldest part of the house, built in 1790, by all accounts.
It was very drafty, and I wanted some more light in the room.  I splurged a bit, and bought a beautiful fiberglass door with a lot of glass.  I also bought a full length glass storm door.

Yesterday, they were installed.  It is never uneventful, making changes in an old house.  What I love is imagining it, then seeing it happen.
I love it.

 The windows are also going to be replaced, but they are on order.  It will be the dead of winter before they get put in.

Today I was there early, cleaning up the mess, and moving things around the way I want them.
You can see how much light the new door lets in.

This wall is going to be my new computer/check out station.  I may leave the wall cupboard there.   I haven't quite figured it all out yet, but this is all part of planning the move to actually live there.  And we need a living room.

It's all coming together quite nicely.

 The room seems more open, it's going to be a lovely place to weave.
And this was on a stormy, gray day.

This front room used to be my retail space.  What I realized is that since my business is mostly online, I am wasting this great room, when I could be enjoying it.
So the retail is now being reworked in the rather large, center hallway, a space not very useful for much else.

Today was snowy, rainy, gray,  and cold.   
And by 2pm, it was a 10 on the headache scale.

But I am determined not to hate winter.
There must be something about it that I can love.
I'll let you know when I locate it.


KathyB. said...

What I appreciate about winter is that I can justify staying indoors and working on spinning, weaving,& rug-making, without fretting about all the outdoor work I am not getting done.

I love seeing the work and creative spaces of other women, especially those of spinners , weavers, and wool-crafters. I love seeing the spaces and rooms are practical, suit their purpose (s) AND look cozy and pretty. Your studio is already inviting, even with the cold winter peering in from outside. Thank-you for showing it to me.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

The new door looks lovely, I have a similar one that lets lots of light in the kitchen.
It's hard living and working in the same space, but somehow we seem to jiggle things around until there's a harmony.
Winter moved in here today, snow on the pumpkin !
Hope the headache goes away, you so deserve a headache-free winter.
Be well sweet lady.

Hilary said...

That's such a beautiful home and looking even nicer with each improvement that you make. The door is wonderful.. no doubt it will be a very bright room.

Kick that 10 to the curb. I wish it was that easy.

Theresa said...

Oh it is looking lovely! I just want to sit on that bench in front of the fireplace and listen to you weave. As to retail space, gosh, maybe some work in one of the outbuildings to carve out a small space and keep the house private?
Oh god, a dreaded 10, I sure wish a solution could be found for you Hillary. Any plans for a southern trip this year to see if you ca get some relief?

MarthaVA said...

I want to do the same with my front doors. An all glass storm door and an inside door with lots of glass. I didn't know they were made that way! :-) You give me hope. Did you have it made or order it special?

Such a lovely home!

Wish your head didn't hurt. (((hugs)))

Peg Cherre said...

What I love about winter is the aesthetic beauty. Even occasionally from the outside. ;-)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hilary, we're rather on the same wave length re. winter. Your studio space is wonderful and I'm loving all the changes. I need to rise up and get some stuff done

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous space! I love the light, and the new front door is a great addition.

Daryl said...

i am so envious of those beautiful floors .. ours need to be scraped/stained but moving all the bookcases would be impossible (according to my husband) so …

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts