Monday, December 1, 2014

Busy, busy

There has been a lot going on at the studio..........the oldest part of the house, circa 1790, has been getting an uplift.

First the door, and yesterday, new windows.

These windows will actually OPEN, and can be washed.

They really cut down on the noise of traffic on Rte 4.

 What, says MISS PUSS??????
No drafts??????

The light they let in is lovely.

I take all the changes I make in this old house, very seriously.
I don't throw out the old stuff lightly.

But sometimes, it's time for a change.  The old windows that were in here did their job, for 200+ years.

History, after all, is in the making.


Deb said...

That is one thing that you do have to eventually change in an old home. We have done the same and I LOVE IT. New roof, too. Hugs to all the kitties and you, too. Deb

Dizzy-Dick said...

They look very nice and now that winter is coming, they may keep you warmer, too.

Susan said...

I catagorize that as a good change with the winters you experience. The style fits perfect with the age of your home, XOXO

Susan said...

What a difference! I love the wood floor in your studio - and how nice to have a draft-less, peaceful space in which to work.

Daryl said...

and new windows will likely cut down on your heating bills .. lovely floors … i am envious … mine need a good scraping/polishing

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts