Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

It's quiet here on Christmas morning, not like so many years of pandemonium, when my children were growing up, packages were being opened, paper being torn off them, squeals of delight coming from the living room, trying to make some coffee to come alive while it was still dark out.
Nope, that's not the way it is these days.
Having a quiet breakfast, with Roy snoring in his chair.  Quiet.  No newspaper for DH to read.
No hullabaloo.
I miss it.
And I don't.

 You know it's not Christmas in my family, unless I make my infamous famous Greek honey cookies.

Lois groaned when I told her I was making them at the studio in between weaving.
She groaned because they are impossible to stay away from.
 And yes, that's a can of paint on the counter.
Damn maid, anyway.

Boiling the syrup is hazardous.
Yes, it boiled over a bit, making clean up a real chore.
But the cookies are SO worth it.

Over my fireplace at the studio, I realized that I had a study in black and white going on.
Totally unplanned.

My dear friend, Robin, does these drawings in ink..........with a Bic pen, no less.

He recently had a small, local show, this is one of the two prints that I bought, of lilacs.

This work is one that I snatched from my father's antique barn, years ago, and though I have tried to find out about it origins, the best I can cipher is that it is from a print from an old hunting magazine.
 I've always loved it.

 This is an original by Robin, of bittersweet, one of my favorite invasive species.

And the second print I bought at his show, of a fern.
I love his ferns.

The next black and white is a photo that I love, of my three daughters, and my "adopted" daughter.
Left to right, Holly, Brooke, Johanna, and Morgan.
God, I love those girls.

And this one, my paternal grandmother, Vivien Noel Cooper.  She was the first woman in Ticonderoga, NY, to drive around her own AUTOMOBILE.
At least that's the story.

And lastly, this is a photograph of my house, the studio,  taken in 1921.   I have tried to bring it back to that glory.

Back when the highway was dirt.

Yes, it's quiet here on Christmas day.  But it's good. 
We had a wonderful Christmas eve get together last night, with all the noise and fun a body could handle.
A little reflection  and reminiscing and a peaceful Christmas morning never hurt anybody.
Who knew?


Deb said...

"Merry Christmas, Hilary." I just love all the black and white photos you showed us. The one with the collie is so beautiful. It's quiet here too, on Christmas morning and now we are heading out for lots of fun and noise at my daughter's home. Or as I refer to it as little Gwynn's house. :) I hope you enjoy the rest of the Christmas season and that the new year brings you good health and happiness. Hugs, Deb

Anonymous said...

Lovely study in black and white.

Hilary, Merry Happy Christmas to all of you! By the way the recipe for your cookies would be wonderful, they do look really yummy!

Susan Harvey said...

Merry Christmas Hilary!
I second Martha's request for the recipe! Hope you are having a wonderful day with the family and grandchildren.

Your paternal grandmother Vivien: That's not a common spelling of the name. My mother was also Vivien as well. (not Vivienne!)

Here's to a healthy 2015 full of weaving that stirs the heart. Hope you are on the mend from your recent procedure too.
Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

Me, too, about the recipe. I did check your Recipes page to make sure you hadn't already posted it. If your recipe is "standard" maybe you could just point us to one via a link; I'm afraid if I go looking online on my own I might spend an hour on that project. It's quiet here right now, too, for a few hours....

Sweetpea said...

I'm reading your post at the end of my Christmas day here - out west, in WA - and thinking ... that sounds so perfect, including those cookies with all the temptations they would lay in my path ;>] I feel a sense of acceptance in this post that I'm drawn to myself. Because time marches on - so do people - the old ways of doing things evolve into something else whether we like it or not. So why not just say YES? and celebrate all the good in what IS, what is present (not missing!). I think you've had a lot of time to practice this - what with the trials of your head - and I have much to glean from your hard earned struggle.

Thank you for your beautiful honesty, as always. Merry Christmas dear Hilary!


Daryl said...

i now wish i had 'ordered' some cookies with my throw ... darn ... xo

Hilary said...

I love your black and white collection.. the art and the photos. So lovely. And I know exactly how delicious those cookies are.. yum!

I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Christmas, my dear friend

Hugs to you.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing your black and white study. I'm a huge fan of black and white so really enjoyed those, the ferns especially. Happy New Year Hiliary!

thotlady said...

Sounds wonderful. Our Christmas was nice as well in our nation's capital.

Karen said...

I love your black & whites!.. your friend Robin is very talented, wow... the lilacs are amazing.. all with a bic!?...

the print of the dog and baby, awesome find.

Happy, Healthy 2015!

Cait Throop said...

I, too, love all the black and white! Wishing you a healthy and happy new year! I have been a little remiss in reading blogs lately but think of you often and wonder how your headaches have been...hoping you have some relief. Those cookies look amazing! Even though I have been thoroughly cookied this season! xo

Glenna said...

Hi, Hilary! I received the lovely towel--so soft and beautiful. I absolutely adore it. Thank you so much for drawing my name and sending it along--so nice to get something in the mail that wasn't a Christmas ad or a bill! I hope your new year is peaceful and free of pain.


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