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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Having a talk with your brain.

As crazy as it sounds, it's what I had to do.
I had to talk turkey to  this head of mine.
 (it went something like this)

OK,like knock it off.  Enough already.  What the hell??
Life is too short, and here you are, spending every waking minute pounding and being miserable.
Wasting my time, and YOURS.
Look, it's been two years already.  Two surgeries.   A wicked  long list of days that  were barely manageable.
Aren't you tired of it???
How about this???
You settle down, and take a breath.
Maybe just have a melt down or two a day, NOT ALL DAY.
We can do this, me and you.  I just know it.
I really think you should consider the alternative.
Remember the trip to Great Neck? The hospital?  The operating room?  Oh, those harsh lights, and then nothing, only to awaken to even more pain?
C'mon HEAD, work with me here.  I'll try to be better to you.  You try to be better to me.  That's how great relationships work.
And to be honest, I can't do this without you.

Towels are done.  Drawing is tomorrow evening.  Maybe I will even get the results of my MRI tomorrow?  Maybe it will be good news.
Good grief, sometimes I annoy myself with such optimism, but hey, what's the alternative?

Here are the colors I have for you to peruse, so if you WIN, you will be ready.

These are lavender and turquoise.

 Royal blue.

 Country RED.

Black anyone??


 Another purple, a little darker.

And the next warp is on the AVL, ready to rip.

I made a mistake on this.  All you weavers probably know what it is.  I knew it the minute I did it.
And I am going to work around it. See if you can tell what it is.

And yes, I've cleaned my desk, thank you.

Yesterday and today have been a little easier.  Maybe my head is listening?  Or not.  But I'm grateful for the break, whatever the reason.  I'll take it.  Who knows what tomorrow might bring.


TexWisGirl said...

i hope your brain listens. :)

i did not enter your giveaway, although i love these towels. i want your winner to be someone who can display it and use it in a family home full of people, cooks, love. :)

FiberPunkin' said...

Hello Hillary,
I love visiting your blog and reading how you're doing. Have you heard of CranioSacral Therapy? I love it. It has helped me a lot. It might help what you're experiencing and relieve the degree of pain. It's worth checking into.

Oh! And by the way, your weaving is beautiful!

Candy Duell said...

I am so sorry that your head is not listening to your stern lecture! Hopefully the MRI will tell you something definite. I would also love to be in your drawing. Thanks, your towels are beautiful!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh dear, I really hope I win but then I have to make a choice on color. What to do, what to do. LOL!

Feel better, oh brain of with her!

MarthaVA said...

Optimism is good, it's better than the alternative. I hope the news is good on the MRI, if not, keep your chin up.
The towels are lovely.

Unknown said...

I am new to weaving and I love your towels.

NursePog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Love the country red. Hope the answers you find are just that - an answer.

Cait Throop said...

Oh Hilary...keep your optimism. Though I don't know how you do it after two years! I hope the MRI gives easily remedied answers because you need a break! And the towels are so lovely! I want to see that loom in action again! Hugs.

Need A Latte Mom said...

Loving the red!
And did you wind the warp the wrong way? Did that ONCE!

Debi said...

I hope the MRI has good news and it shows your brain will start listening to you soon!

claudia said...

Here's hoping for great news. Be optimistic all you want. It is better than to be a Debbie Doubter. As far as the towels go...they are all gorgeous colors. I wouldn't know which one to pick!

Hilary said...

Keept talkin' to the noggin.

Daryl said...

just sayin' that stress (and you know you've got more than your share with your mom) does not help xo

ladyoftheloom said...

I can't imagine your frustration with your brain. My neck is a pain but nothing comparable.

Cheers to weaving and towels!

Joanna said...

BRAIN: bullying, raging, annoying isn't nice! So listen up, OK?!

Wound the wrong way? My Macomber came with a sectional beam and tensioner and I've been wondering how the heck they work. One video is worth many thousands of words, thanks for the lesson.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hilary's brain, common on man how much more do you really think one person has to put up with? Ease up man!

All your towels are just lovely, that AVL is sure a nice loom....still contemplating "borrowing" from you ;-)

Hope you find some relief soon.

Rita said...

Oh, the red! :)
Optimism is everything! Life is full of rough roads. There are plenty of huge bumps and potholes to deal with--why go looking for a rougher road? Worry is like traveling the worse patch before you have to or IF you even have to in the first place. I don't even like to focus on the road, to be honest. Give me the sky and the trees, baby! It's not like I am not always aware of the road. ;)

grace lovelace said...

that avl loom ...that is the loom i always wanted....2 pedals & just weave beauty away. love the towels
oh the turquoise one... oh purple !
head must be better now !!!
we made more pot holders on your loom my young friends & i

Joan said...

Love the red!

I hope that brain of yours sat up and took notice, Hilary. You're not asking any more of it than you're willing to do yourself!

Cupcake Murphy said...

Those patterns and colors are gorgeous. I hope that brain of yours lets go already. I think its proved its point.

Sharon said...

Thanks! I've never seen a tension box and wind-on before. Wishing your head a happy space~

the wild magnolia said...

Your beautiful, your attitude is beautiful.

I say a prayer for you.

C-ingspots said...

Loved your little self discussion. Made me smile. :)
Some days I have a little problem with my attitude, frankly speaking, I can be a real bitch. I won't go into the reasons/justifications, but it is what it is. I pray you find relief for your pain, that sucks. Hopefully you get answers and most especially, resolution. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, not endured.
Your weavings are just beautiful!! Do you sell them??

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Because every thread counts