Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yes, it's raining.

Finally got on blogger.   I am not sure what the issue is, but if anyone has a clue, please fill me in.
I just get the "loading" message, until I want to skid my laptop across the floor like a hockey puck.
Wait.  That might be the headache talking.
I don't think this pressure change with the bad weather does my "battered" skull any good at all.
Just sayin.
But along with that, I must confess, I am grateful.  We missed the storm big time.

Yesterday was better.  I spent most of the day at the studio, and I actually got some things done.
I finally got my web site done.......put the last of the pictures of rugs up.  Thanks, Bizland, I really, really, really wanted to do my ENTIRE site over from SCRATCH.
Anyway, it's done......I know I could still tweak it, and I will.  But honestly, I am kind of sick of it right now.

Back to some weaving.

Working on another shawl/ruana.

I can only work on it for awhile, then my neck complains.  Whines.  Then gets BITCHY.
So I move on to something less stressful.
It's the position of my neck while weaving that causes the distress, so if I do something different, or nothing at all, it's better.

Later, I started a rug, so now I have two looms going.  I think it is ME trying to trick myself into thinking I am getting a lot done.

Did I tell you that patience is a virtue, just not MY virtue?


Deb said...

It's raining here, too. Not nice for the trick or treater's. You weave so beautifully. A real gift you have.

Daryl said...

So i am wondering .. do you think adjusting the height of your seat/chair at the loom would help? After Toonman's spine surgery his PT person adjusted the chair he uses and the discomfort went away .. just a thought .. so glad you didnt get hit by Sandy, she was nasty

Hilary said...

Oh, oh.. the old you comes to visit once in a while, eh? Relax, my friend. You still have some healing to do.

Hilary said...

Oh and I love the aqua and other colours in that rug.

Country Gal said...

It has been raining here since last Friday , I need sunshine gosh darn it ! Your weaving's are beautiful . Air pressure changes sometimes causes headaches for me ! Each and every day will get easier just try to take it easy and enjoy ! Have a good day !

michelle said...

I am in lust, not love but lust with that chenille shawl - do you ever make scarves made out of that fabric? If you do how might one go about purchasing one for herself?

I am in Boston and we survived the storm - much better than my friends in NYC. A few GIANT trees down in my neighborhood, a day off work, but all in all, we did OK.

Except for the headaches - from precisely what Country Gal said.

Susan said...

I'm so glad to see you're weaving! And two looms isn't a bad thing. I think it's good to move from one loom to the next, change positions, save your neck!

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts