Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday rewards

I took my mother to the Salvation Army again today....twice in two weeks.......when once a month is enough.  But sometimes, it just works out that way.  My daughters get busy, I was out of the loop for a while, so we do our best to take turns.

She can hear better, since her hearing aid has been fixed, and that certainly improves  living in my house with two TV sets.
And it is easier to converse with her, now that she can actually hear you, and you don't have to get hoarse yelling.
But still, she can be annoying, only in the way that an almost 88 year old rigid English woman can be.
No offense, all you English ladies.  I am one myself.
Though I made a promise to myself a long time ago, that I would fight being "rigid" with my last breath.

Anyway, we went to lunch afterwards, to the same exact place we go every Sunday.......because that is where she wants to go.  
One week, my youngest daughter and I took her somewhere else.  WRONG.  The bread was too thick.  
The soup was too weird.  She couldn't hear the waitress.  blah blah blah.
So today, after taking her somewhere different, running in to get a menu, gritting my teeth when she read the menu moaning and groaning like I was trying to poison her, I turned around and went to the usual.
My drink choice was not my usual.  
I decided to treat myself.   There has to be some reward other than being a good daughter.

And I drank it all.  And it was really, really good.

I think my mother just likes to go to this particular place, because the name of it is Cooper's Cave......and of course, her name is Cooper.  She's funny like that.

I came home, and Roy was waiting.
I wanted quiet.   Serene.   I'm into that, you see.

Come along, on my boring walk.  The only sound was the rustling leaves.


Lydia La La said...

Loved our walk together! I see that Roy the Boy sets the pace and loves it. I believe that this year's fall colours are amazing.
I glad find some solace as you do on your walks amongst that beautiful scenery.
I laughed when reading your last post. I can understand the 15 looms thing. They sneak up on you!!! It's time to unclutter and illiminate is my motto at the moment.
My mum will be 88 on 6th Dec. but is in aged care because it would be impossible for her to live in her own home due to having to have 4 insulin injections a day. Plus she has short term memory dementia.
She's easy to get along with.
Take care and keep getting better each day. xo

Lydia La La said...

I'm glad you find some solace!!!!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Not boring at all.
I took a long walk today too. Just the sound of the river, wind in the pines and sometimes a bird singing. It is all I needed.

DJan said...

I enjoyed the walk, too. Roy is so happy, you can tell. I did hear some wind, along with the crunching of the leaves underfoot. Lovely! My mom only lived to be 69, she never got to be cranky and difficult. What I would have given for that! :-)

messymimi said...

May you be beautifully rewarded for dealing with all your mother puts you through.

Acorn to Oak said...

Your beer looks like a great reward! Sounds delicious! And, your walk looks, solitute, the falling leaves, and water, Roy...and I could hear your steps and each one sounded like a wonderful blessing, especially after all you've been through. Have a wonderful week!

Mary said...

Thank you for the video. I miss those sights and sounds. I am from the upper midwest. It all seems so familiar. It is lovely here in Hawaii but not the same.

moosecraft said...

I'll take that boring walk any day! :-) And a beer once in awhile is a good thing too!

Daryl said...

I think you did the right thing .. both taking her to Cooper's and getting that beer ... I bet having a second one crossed your mind .. ;)

Suzanne said...

Loved the walk! I believe that you might just live in heaven - or at least the version of heaven that I want. beautiful!

Karen said...

What a beautiful place to walk!.. is it in walking distance to your house?... that would be incredible!

You did the right think by going to Coopers Cave. You will not look back someday and say... now WHY did I take my mother to the place she wanted to go.. again. No, you'll be glad you did. And the beer.. good move.

Rita said...

That was soooo cool!
Your mom cracks me up, BTW! (Easy for me to say as I am not related to her.)

Shiralyn said...

You are a lucky woman to have such a beautiful area to walk in when ever you you want. Sounds to me that you are doing well in finding your new path to life.

Susan said...

Creatures of habit! You are a good daughter and understand your mom so well. Lovely walk after your long day--thanks for letting us come along.

Anonymous said...

Great movie. Sounds like it was a bit of a blustery day out there, and Roy looks like he was raring to go and git 'er done!

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Because every thread counts