Thursday, September 27, 2012

Roy the Pit Bull

It makes me somewhat crazy to hear the hype about pit bulls.
Any dog can be mean, if brought up by mean people.

Roy is what most pit bulls are like, in my opinion.
He is my third pit, and I love the breed for their loyalty, their sweetness, and their energy.

Ava loves him, too.
Roy loves kids.

But when there are no kids around, this is where he likes to be, as close to me as he can get.
Touching me, preferably.

Who rescued who, indeed?

Today was a better day.  More PT this afternoon.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.
One day at a time here.
Feeling more like myself every day.  
Just ask Roy.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Exactly,it IS how they are raised, that determines their personality.
Some of the nicest dogs I've worked with, have been Pit Bulls.
Roy is precious !

Lydia La La said...

Have no experience with pit bulls but you are so right about the treatment of an animal brings out it's best or worst. How lucky you both are. Glad you are progressing each day. XO

Anonymous said...

Our next door neighbor and her husband both fear dogs. She told me earlier this summer that her granddaughter had gotten a pit puppy and she, the neighbor, was so upset about this. I told her that dogs are only as mean as they are raised to be and that she just needs to get to know the puppy. She has been doing so and stopped by today and told me that she is falling in love with the pit puppy. I hope this will ease her fear of dogs in general. :-)

Connie in Hartwood said...

Sweet Roy ... doing exactly what he is meant to do ... love his humans.

Country Gal said...

Glad to hear your getting better, it will take time . Having Roy by your side must make each day a little easier .I know it does when my Miggy is beside me and I am feeling under the weather or not , just knowing she is there is all I need . Have a great day !

Gayle said...

Such good news! RoyBoy is such a charmer!

Sweetpea said...

...just looking at these photos makes me calm down.
There is such an abundance of noticing moments in your life now. I like stopping by to read you're *seeing*. Forward, Hilary! (and Roy!)

Sweetpea said... read WHAT you're *seeing* [correction).

Frank's Corner said...

Such a handsome boy! You are so very fortunate to have a pal like Roy.

Karen said...

...and there are SO MANY pitbulls available for adoption, many left to languish or be euthed because of their bad rap. If people would only give them a chance, they would discover just how loving and loyal they are. As you said, any dog has the ability to do harm, it's all in how they are raised. And I've known pits who were horribly abused, and still love humans.

Love your Roy boy. Frasier also tries to be as close to me as possible, laying right on top of me when he can. Love my rescue dog.

Loomatic said...

Up here in Ontario, all Pits have to wear a muzzle when in public.

I have seen more frienly pits than I have seen scary is just the hype.

My friend has a bumper sticker on her car that says "Punish the deed not the breed". I totally agree!

Roy makes me want to get a dog :-)

messymimi said...

Pits do get an awful rap, and it's sad. Good for you, sticking by them!

Suzanne said...

Roy looks like an awesome friend. Giving love and asking for nothing in return. Love Pits (all dogs really) .. such sweet dogs. I love how Roy does need to touch you. He knows that you need it too. Sweet boy... Now I need to go cry.

DJan said...

What a sweet dog. You are right about upbringing making all the difference, in dogs as in people. :-)

Daryl said...

Roy should be the pit poster boy ... and he reaffirms how important it is to adopt rescues ... our little white cat Rose passed last week and one of the nicest sympathy cards we got was from the rescue group we adopted her from ... they thanked us for giving her a chance, for giving her a home, for giving her love and care ... honestly, it is US who should be thanking them for letting us love her ...

Sharon said...

I love my son's pit. She is well mannered, has a great sense of humor and I'm not worried to stop by unannounced. However, she'd kill my lab in a heart beat. We've been through that enough to not try it again.

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Because every thread counts