Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, no.

Sometimes when I am supposed to be enjoying the slower pace of a week without pressing orders, I find that instead I am drifting. Or at least, I feel like I am. I can't quite sink my teeth into anything.
Of course, when I am operating at a slower pace, I am still probably moving faster than the average I am reminded by a well-meaning friend. And even though I seem (to me) to be bouncing around, I am actually getting work done.
Yesterday, I cut all the fabric I had on bolts, into strips for rugs. It was certainly easier with my electric cutter, but a lot of work still.
Having a lot of looms warped and ready, means that I can wander back and forth, weaving whatever I want.
Today, while I was weaving a flowery rug in a sunny window, I suddenly realized that I hadn't seen Kizzy.
Now it is a given, that when I walk through the door, I am greeted first by Sydney, and then by Jinx. Miss Puss is usually curled up in her favorite spot, on the shelf of the Union Custom. And then, after a bit, Kizzy comes sashaying down to the kitchen.
But today, he hadn't. Hmm. That was kind of strange. So as soon as I realized it, I went looking for him, calling his name.
I read somewhere that manx cats (with stub tails, or no tails) have personalities much like dogs. And it is true, Kizzy does sometimes act very uncatlike. He usually comes when I call him. But not today.
I went upstairs, and he was not in his usual spot in the upstairs hall. Jinx was laying on the lounge chair alone, he was not with her.
I started looking in all the rooms, and finally when I opened the door to the attic, Kizzy came flying out. Even though I am extremely careful about not locking them in somewhere, Kizzy managed to slip by me, and he had been locked in the attic about 17 hours. OUCH.
I felt awful about it, and Kizzy seemed determined to make me understand what he had to say.

From Crazy as a Loom

Everywhere I went, he followed me. And climbed up where he could get as close as possible.
Now usually, he spends about 10 min a day doing this, and then he is done.
But not today.
He seemed to be saying something about a hot line for cats, that he might consider calling if this kind of abuse continued.
Or maybe I imagined that.
But then he seemed to be saying that he was really glad I let him out, and that he wasn't mad at all.
Or maybe I imagined that.

From Crazy as a Loom

What do you think?

At any rate, I have so far got some cleaning/organizing done. And I have woven a few rugs.
Here is my red/yellow rug. I am into red/yellow combos. Not sure why.
From Crazy as a Loom

And here is my Easter bunny rug.
From Crazy as a Loom

Which my kids would smirk about, because when they were little, I would never do the basket/egg/candy/green grass thing. My mother bought them, so they didn't go without, heaven forbid. But I used to tell them that if there was an Easter bunny, he would certainly get squashed out on Rte 22. Which they were not the least upset about, having heard this explanation from the cradle.
Now I find that going into the Hallmark store this time of year, makes it hard for a body to not come out of there with little yellow ducks that dance, or sing, or something.
I still refuse to buy that damn green grass.
What's up with that?


Gail said...

We use to call that green grass, Eastroturf.

The orange cat we have is part Manx and has no tail. He is so much like a dog, it is amazing. He digs like a dog, not just to do his business.

The rugs are beautiful.

Tina J said...

Red and yellow, because they are smashing together! I don't buy easter grass either. I did find the cutest tiny frisbees in easter colors yesterday though.

Michael said...

While I'm not completely certain... I'm pretty sure that last pic of him should have a thought bubble that reads "What... In... The... Hell. Well?"

LA said...

Bless Kizzy's heart! My kitties have been like that this week with the workmen here making all that noise. They've been hiding under the bed unless I'm in the bedroom....then they hop in my lap like they need saving! Love the rugs...they make me think of Spring flowers!

Country Girl said...

Yeah, what IS up with that? The things we reveal on our blogs! Today I revealed that I am a plant killer.
I not only did the Easter basket (and grass) but would do clues leading to the hidden basket. My sons ADORED this ritual.
I think Kizzy (I love your cats names) is simply glad to be out. When we went away for a week last June, I had someone come over to water the plants and feed the cat who lived outdoors for the week (there's a barn for shelter). Unfortunately, this person FORGOT all about the cat food. Oh, my! On our arrival home and for nearly a week after, our cat followed us everywhere. Everywhere! Poor little thing.
And I think your red & yellow is lovely.

ethelmaepotter! said...

He's not mad, just traumatized and in need of comfort, like we would be in a similar situation.
I am in total agreement about the icky green Easter grass, especially that sparkly stuff they're selling now. And what's with that SILVER STUFF?! Give me something like raffia or soft cotton strips or (gasp!) REAL GRASS! What a concept!
By the way, I love that paw print fabric in the first photo!

Anonymous said...

Wondering if that stupid green Easter grass is good for the environment and what happens to it in the landfills. Hmmm. May have to Google that one.

As for your poor kitty... Gosh! Really hate it when I screw up like that and my pets pay the consequences, but none of us is perfect. Or so my dogs tell me.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

Poor Kizzy! He and my Mikey should get together and compare notes. Mikey tends to get locked in closets. After locking him in a closet for about 10 hours a time or two, I double check his whereabouts before leaving the house.

Regarding easter grass: It's like tinsel and pine needles. You're still vacuuming it up six months later!

Sharon said...

I was almost in tears at the Kizzy story. Okay I was in tears. Anyway, I called the dogs in from the snow today and only two came in. I called at the back door. I called at the front door. No third dog. I came in and donned appropriate wear and charged out the front door in search of third dog. Poor boy. He must have been doing door tag, back to front, etc. and was soaked. I hate it when stuff like that happens.

Anonymous said...

I think most of us have done the "locked the cat in" thing... thankfully, most of us have figured it out before too long, too. Beautiful cat! and I really like the Easter rug,

As for not doing Easter baskets? hmm.. well I am one of those who LOVES easter baskets and so my kids have always had egg hunts in the yard when they were young and a big basket hidden in the house that they have to find in the morning.. But the grass? I like to buy the recycled shredded paper kind.

My mother never bought us the big box of crayons, which I always drooled over. You know, the kind with the sharpener in the back? I don't know why, but to this day I still remember that... lol...

jaimieb said...

Ain't cats funny...mine will get themselves locked up on occasion too, but when they are let out, it's all OUR fault, and I hear about it for about 8 hours. I think it must be a cat purgatory, to be locked up for awhile, and they get giddy when let out, so they follow us around thankful to be out while at the same time giving us the what for.

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Because every thread counts