Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looms and kitties, what's new??

From Crazy as a Loom

OK, I will explain.

The other day I got this email, asking me if I would donate a loom.
I said, oh, OK, yeah, right, imagine that.
And I replied to the writer of this email with my own email, saying that it sure sounded like a scam to me. So if he had more information, I needed to hear it.
I never expected to hear from him again, but I was wrong.
He answered with an explanation, his name, where he lived, what he did (which I checked on google.......can't be too safe)
And he is legit.
The request, while it sounds wild, indeed, is for real.
Here is what he said.

Would be happy to provide proof! I also am leery of scammers, which is why I send out basic information and am more forthcoming to someone who expresses interest.
My name is John E *************.
My home phone number is ******************. - although the best way to contact is through e-mail.
I am a Maryland District Court Commissioner.
My wife is a teacher with over 30 years in the Maryland Public School System.
We travelled to Ccaccaccollo Peru last July with an organization called GEEO and worked with the craftswomen and in the Elementary classrooms.
The contact at GEEO is Jesse Weisz and he can verify our identities and the plight of the village.
This is the contact information copied from their website www.geeo.org:

GEEO: Global Exploration for Educators Organization
125 Conway Ave
Narberth, PA 19072
Call us toll-free 9AM-9PM EST, 7 days a week:
Contact: Jesse Weisz, Director
What else can I tell you?
From Crazy as a Loom

From Crazy as a Loom

Last July my wife and I spent time in the high Andes Peruvian village of Ccaccaccollo. The women there are a major support of the village because of their weaving efforts. They engage in the entire process from Llama to loom.
In January, an earthquake coupled with unusually heavy rains caused mudslides in the area. Now this village has all 128 families living in tents and they lost 14 of the 18 looms in the community center when it was destroyed.
My wife and I are putting our efforts into this wonderful community so that they may recover as quickly as possible. It is in this spirit that you are receiving this e-mail.
We are hoping that one or more of you are in a position to be able to donate the loom that you no longer need to help these families recover. If you have a loom or know of a functioning loom east of the Mississippi, please let me know so that I can arrange for its pickup. (I am forced to narrow my search area because of my limited ability to pick up the item.)
Please consider this request. While the money from the sale of your loom might be nice, imagine what the donation to this village of 128 families would mean. If you can find it in your heart to participate in this effort, contact me at SoundingBoard4You@gmail.com
Thank you for your consideration of this effort.

And then:

My original intent was to get an RV and drive to Peru in the Spring of 2011 and do a 2 year commitment to help the village. But this mudslide has changed all that. I will be collecting as many looms as I can get and arrange to ship them to Peru. Although, if I get enough, it might be more cost effective to drive them down there - it's a 5000 mile trip. And I don't think it should wait until 2011.
Feel free to forward the request to anyone you know. I would love to be able to replace all 14 of their destroyed looms. But any at all will help them to recover.
Thank you for considering this and being willing to help!

I have 16 looms to date, so yes, I can spare one. No problem. My way of thinking is ACK! A weaver without a loom! Impossible!
I think it is a great cause, and I am thrilled to be part of it.
I only wish I could go to Peru with them.
(Easy, Bill, take a deep breath)

So anyone out there with an extra loom, or two.....well, you know what to do.
Or maybe you know someone, someone with a generous spirit, and a loom in the cellar, or out in the barn.
But above all, pass this along, to anyone you think might be interested in helping these people get weaving again.

Now, just in case you thought that this was a post without a kitty.....
I do have 4 grand-kiddies, but I also have 1 grand-kitty.
Yup, tis true.
And she had a birthday.

From Crazy as a Loom

You're one lucky little girl, Lula.

From Crazy as a Loom


Anonymous said...

Hilary, Please let me know when they are coming up i would like to come over meet them and give them trip money..( gas and lodging). So have you contacted them yet about a Loom and which one 'oh, which one' will you part with!? On a lighter note; have the other 3 figured it out yet that its Sydneys fault that they are being 'starved'to death!? Lois

Hilary said...

Lois.....I would email you but you come up 'anonymous'.......
the cats do not seem all that upset about the food......go figure.
Yes, I am giving them a Reed Cambridge, 45" 4 harness......which will bring me down to 15.....HA! Think I will miss it??
I might even give them 2....we shall see.
Whatever moves me at the time.

Anonymous said...

YOU my dear.... have a heart of gold.

The Blue Ridge Gal

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Hilary, how exciting for you to be able to contribute! You do have a heart of gold!

Happy Birthday Lulu! You are a cutie!


p.s. my dish towel is still very happy in her new home :)

Tuesday Weavers said...

I got the same email and forwarded it to the other Tuesday Weavers. Right now we don't have extra looms so I didn't email him to find out more about it but am glad that you did. If any of our members come up with an extra one we'll be sure to contact him.

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

Hilary...what a wonderful cause to donate to! Makes me wish that I had a loom to give, and I almost thought I should give up the one I do have.....Hm....

Your kitty is precious!

Thanks so much for the heartfelt comment on my blog today. I appreciate it more than you know. :-)

Sharon said...

When he said East of the Mississippi, it validated my feeling that the weight of looms in our country shifts east. Thank you so much for participating in this wonderful cause.

LadyFi said...

What a wonderful cause.. so great you could help.

Brian Miller said...

dropped over from cabo (who is a major fool even if it its not spril 1st any more). what a cool way to be invovled int eh lives of those far away. understand the desire to go with your loom. happy birthday to the kitty...ours just celebrated 10 years last month...

WeaveThings said...

Truly a heart of gold!

I was thinking too, that I would like to go to Peru to help. I have a board meeting tonight at my weavers guild. Gonna see what we can do if anything.

Also - I'm so inspired by your story about your weaving and buying the house. I would hope that one day I can nestle into a small country town and weave myself silly.


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