Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank you, good fairy.

From Crazy as a Loom

There is a good fairy, there is, there is.
And she showed up with gloves on, ready to help me clean. A follower of my blog, who I met when I bought the studio, read my remark about my giant mess, and my wish for a good fairy to come help me clean it, took mercy on me, and offered up her services.
This is the porch after we cleaned it, and let me tell you, it is a VAST improvement over how it looked previously.
Thanks, Lois! You're the best.
And once again, I find that you should just ask the universe for what you need. And you should listen to the universe, as well.

Today was the day my socks arrived. Yup. Socks. Sock seconds, and toe clips. 6800 lbs of them.
And I had help.
From Crazy as a Loom

From Crazy as a Loom

From Crazy as a Loom

From Crazy as a Loom


From Crazy as a Loom

And luckily, I didn't have to lift a finger.

From Crazy as a Loom

And it wasn't really warm enough for NO COAT. But I guess if you are young, and working hard.............

I know I got tired just watching them.

From Crazy as a Loom

From Crazy as a Loom

And we're all full up!!!!!! We even had to put 7 boxes in the tool side of the barn.

From Crazy as a Loom

And I probably have enough socks to weave rugs for awhile. That's putting it mildly.

And here they are........sock rugs three ways.
Can you see any difference in the placement of the colors?? Speaking in general terms, not specifics. Looking at the three rugs, would you say you could pick them out if I shuffled them around???

From Crazy as a Loom

This is kind of a test.......
From Crazy as a Loom

And your opinion will be very helpful.

From Crazy as a Loom

And now for a question. It has been on my mind all day.

I have always been of the mind that true friends are the friends that tell you what you need to hear, even when you don't want to hear it.
Can two friends have the same friendship that they have had, if one of them decides that something that they don't agree on is a taboo subject??

Food for thought.

Continuing on in my warped fashion,


LA said...

That's a tough question, Hilary! In my experience, sometimes you have to agree to disagree, and get on with it. True friends are a treasure, and you know they'll be there to help you "bury the body" if that's what it takes. I respect the "taboo" and appreciate the rest. But, that's just me!

Anonymous said...

I give...I can't see any difference...am I blind?
Jaimie in IL

Anonymous said...

I can see the difference and i like sock rug #1...At this time i have a friend, friends since 6th grade.. and that was 1965. She may or may not know how disappointed i am with her stubborness to follow, what i think, is a path to failure just because she is stubborn. I am still there for her when she needs help $$ or when she needs help with a house project but deep in me i know our relationship has changed. I feel the lose inside of me but i am keeping it to myself because, even though i am unhappy with her, she needs my friendship right now.

Hilary said...

Wow.. times several. Wow to so many huge boxes of socks. Wow to your good fairy for being such a sweetie. Wow to the beautiful rugs which I might be able to tell apart but not why. And wow to your question. My question would be.. "Is it taboo because the topic itself makes one of the friends uncomfortable or is it taboo because of how you both approach the the conflict?" The former would be acceptable to me. The latter might be danger territory.

Country Girl said...

I can't tell the difference in any of the rugs. And it gave me such a kick to read you had help from someone who's a blogging pal. Excellent.

Friendship doesn't mean you agree on everything, but the friendship can't remain the same when things like this happen.

Sharon said...

I like the third rug - less random. As for the question, I ran into that during this last election and I didn't like the situation one bit.

Sweetpea said...

No, I looked & looked & looked and I absolutely cannot tell them apart. Is that helpful? dunno.

As for your friend question, I think you can still have a *kind* of friendship with someone when there's a taboo subject between you...but if the taboo is new, then the friendship will change. Part of life, I think. It just has to when you can't talk openly.

It is very rare (in my experience anyways) to EVER have a friend where openness, in its truest form, is a given for both parties...

All best to you. Sounds like you're trying to figure something out.

Anonymous said...


I can't tell the difference between the rugs.

As to the friend - it depends if it is something enormously important to you personally. If it's a foundation-of-your-world-view sort of thing, there's no wriggle room, because by silence you let yourself down. If it's a standard different point of view, or it's one person's opinion of choices the other is making and doesn't cause direct impact on you, then I say respect the other as as separate being who has to live and learn their own way.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I like the top rug best, the last one I don't like so much it is just how the colors move in the rug what I like at the top one.

And for the friendship question. I think when you are true friends you have to accept from eachother that even though you are friends you don't have to think or feel the same about some things, so you don't have to agree with eachother all the time and you don't push a friend into a direction she told you she doesn't want to go, becourse you are two individials and both unique So what I should say is don't make a taboo subject out of something you don't agree on but when the subject comes up you just laugh and say, Oh we know we don't agree on this one.And than go on with something else.
And when that issue is something bigger that affects his or her life and you are thinking your friend is making the wrong choices but doesn't want to listen to you. Also accept that and just be there when she needs you.

I think that is friendship.

Giny the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Erm... cannot tell difference in the rugs but I'm certainly no expert. And yes....friends can agree to disagree and still have a fabulous friendship.


Teacosy said...

Nice rugs I like all 3 of them. But tell me where would you get 89 boxes of socks from?

Lyn said...

I'm really enjoying your blog!
I think friends can agree to disagree, and close the issue.
Good luck with all those sock parts!


I like all three rugs but I can tell the difference in the colors the last one seem more blue than the other two and the top one is has more pink and darker colors. I may be wrong but that's how they show up on my computer screen. As for the friends, I think you can have a close relationship even if certain subject are not discussable, sometimes you just agree to disagree and still love each other, because after all you're different people with different life experiences and that's the beauty of friendships.

Gail said...

I am blinded by the beauty of all three rugs. I can see differences but not well enough to describe them.

I know friends don't always have to agree, but if you know something really bothers them, don't ride a dead horse. It won't make any difference and will only make it worse.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

My artistic eye really can't tell the difference between the three pictures. Each pic is colorfully beautiful. I treasure my true friend who we can discuss anything and agree to disagree respecting and loving each other for the honesty. This Ozarks farm chick would miss that if we started sittin' up taboo subjects.

As we say down here in the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, "have a wonderfully blessed day ya'll!!!"

bspinner said...

I don't know why I like number one best but I do.

Friends. Good question. Hopefully my friend and I respect each other enough not to bring up something we know we disagree on. I know I don't want to hurt someone's feelings and I expect my friends wouldn't go out of their way to hurt mine.

Kathi D said...

The 3rd rug seems to have more blue little bumpy pieces, the ones that look like knobs. But mostly they look alike to me, and I don't prefer one over the other.

I LOVE the Solmate socks, own lots of pairs, and I have dreamed over your rugs many times. I WILL have one some day, but I have to wait for my young dogs to grow out of rug chewing first. It's a good thing those dogs are cute.

Benita said...

I like #1 rug the best - it looks better blended colorwise. Wow! That's a lot of socks parts. Glad they are bright and colorful - it's like summer!

And I never believed in Good Fairies before. I do now!!!

Life Looms Large said...

You know, when I was posting about building my yarn stash, I thought about this post! I have to be careful not to overwhelm myself with too much yarn.....but everyone's different and obviously what's overwhelming to me just gets your creative juices flowing!

Your friendship question is tricky. Sometimes what what person views as telling someone something that they need to hear, the other person might view as that friend not understanding or being controlling. Good luck sorting it out.


ethelmaepotter! said...

I like the last one. It seems more...handmade, if that makes any sense.
Count me in the camp that believes friends can still be friends, in spite of taboo subjects, but the friendship may never be quite the same.

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts